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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 246.2

Chapter 246: Compromise (Part two)

After the agent finished talking, Yan Xian’s face was already pale. The agent sneered and looked at Yan Xian’s face with mockery, and Yan Xian began pacing back and forth with bloodshot eyes.

His eyes already lost focus, and he had no idea what his next step would be.

He obviously knew what the agent just said, but he just didn’t believe Lin Chuxue would be this capable. Now, seeing his agent standing beside him, he found him to be a big eyesore too. Now, he felt that everyone was laughing at him. 

“I already cancelled my contract with the company, why are you still following me? You can leave now!” Yan Xian shouted at his agent.

His agent took a smoke, flicked the ash off of the cigarette butt, and said, “You think I want to? I’m waiting for you to make a decision. If you don’t plan on apologizing, then I will leave right now. If you do, then go tonight!”

“Apologize? To who? Lin Chuxue?”

Agent: “Who else?’

Yan Xian began panicking, and when he didn’t know what to do, he got a phone call from Ou Li.

Ou Li was pretty straightforward. “Downstairs, I’m under your condo right now. Come with me to apologize. Listen, Yan Xian, because of you, I was also dragged into this mess. Don’t you think you should come with me to apologize? If you don’t, then I’m going to die with you. Let me tell you, I’m not joking at all. I even took out a big loan, and you also owe a ton of money now. The only thing that can save us both are those movies. If we don’t get a high-enough playrate, we will both die! Even if you don’t want to do this for me, at least do it for your unborn child. You already did your wife wrong by cheating on her, and now if you go bankrupt and get chased down for debt, wouldn’t your wife divorce you? Think about it, I’m waiting downstairs. Go with me to apologize, and even if you need to kneel, you have to get their forgiveness. If you don’t come, then don’t blame me for taking things to the extreme. If you are going to drag me down with you, then I will stab you a few times before I die!’

Yan Xian’s pupils enlarged. 

The agent directly stood up and said, “Let’s go. Ou Li has quite a lot of mafia connections. If you are worried about your face and dignity and don’t go apologize, it’s fine if you die, but you will affect many people. Ou Li is capable of doing anything, and your wife and kid will be in danger.”

Yan Xian immediately dropped back into his seat, feeling as if he just aged a few years.

– Inside Imperial Capital Entertainment – 

Lin Chuxue was playing chess with Sister Lei, but inside the office, there was also the president that was looking at her. Upon seeing how calm she was, she couldn’t help but say, “It’s already been a day, didn’t you say you believe in that man? How come things are still not going in your favor? Come on, are you hearing what I’m saying? Shouldn’t you go out and make a public statement or something? It’s not a solution to be simply sitting at the office… I’m about to throw up from eating pizza for two meals in a row…”

Lin Chuxue looked up at her. “Then let’s order some Eastern cuisine next, how about that?”

President: “…” 

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  2. Where is Xu Cheng? Why isn’t he with his wife? I really hope he lets them just die…

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