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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 247.1

Chapter 247: This is the Man I Like (Part one)

On the way, Yan Xian received a text from his wife. It said, “Big Brother Xian, you still need to stay around to take care of me and my kid. I heard you owe a lot of money? I have a couple hundred thousand here, will it help? I already sent it to your card.”

Yan Xian tightly held onto his phone and closed his eyes. He admitted defeat.

He was defeated. 

He also regretted confronting Lin Chuxue.

He was beaten down before he could even react, and each strike was deadly, forcing him to lower his head and yield.

He lost. 

He completely lost, and in the end, his wife didn’t say anything else, didn’t even talk about him cheating on her, but was willing to help him without a second thought. All in all, he felt that he had to yield and apologize to Lin Chuxue for the sake of being able to continue taking care of his wife and child. 

When he saw Ou Li, he was also shocked that someone as domineering and powerful as Ou Li was beaten like this with his clothes shredded and face bruised. 

Yan Xian didn’t even need to think to guess how powerful someone had to be to be capable of beating up Ou Li and forcing him to apologize with Ou Li not fighting back at all. He knew Ou Li had mafia connections, but even he was beaten up. After these rounds of attacks, they knew that they had no power at all to fight back.

Just when the president was getting impatient while Lin Chuxue was still calmly playing chess with her agent, someone knocked on the door of the president’s office. 

The secretary came in and was a bit shocked. “Sister Yan, Yan Xian and Ou Li are here.”

The president was shocked at first, and then she asked, “What are they doing here?”

“Don’t know. They are just outside and they said they are looking for Sister Lin.”

“Let them come up then. Also, don’t let anyone else from the company come up. If someone dares to gossip, tell them they are fired!”

“Oh, okay,” the secretary said and left.

Yan Xian and Ou Li were brought up by the secretary and came directly to the office. The secretary closed all the windows, doors, and blinds to avoid any gossip that might add more to the chaos.

Now, no one knew what those two were here for, and it could be that they were here to demand an apology.

The president was a bit confused too, so she left Lin Chuxue in the office first and went to the VIP area to greet those two. She smiled and asked, “Greetings, what brings you two here today?”

Ou Li still had bruises on his face, while Yan Xian’s eyes were bloodshot since he had been anxious for the entire day and he looked exhausted. 

“Sister Yan, um… is Miss Lin Chuxue here? Don’t take it the wrong way, we aren’t here to look for trouble. We are here to apologize… Can you please tell us where she is right now? Please!” Ou Li was pretty anxious, while Yan Xian also kept on nodding on the side as he looked at her cautiously.

Sister Yan was shocked, feeling like she got the wrong script or something. Just this morning, the whole entertainment circle was all boiled up, criticizing Lin Chuxue and saying stuff like they were going to cancel their contracts with her and never work with her in the future. It didn’t take a smart person to figure out that it was Ou Li and Yan Xian behind them. She didn’t even bring Lin Chuxue to go and apologize to them yet, so why were these two here apologizing instead?

“In fact, it’s not necessary to trouble you two to come and apologize, I think we should just bury the hatchet and turn over a new leaf.” Sister Yan said, “It’s fine as long as you two no longer make things difficult for our Chuxue.”

“Oh no!” Ou Li began panicking and he immediately came over and said, holding onto Sister Yan’s hand, “We are really here to sincerely apologize. Please, Sister Yan, please let us see Miss Lin, we must apologize to her face to face, please! We won’t make things difficult for her, and it was me that was stupid and did stupid stuff. Please, can we see Miss Lin, just briefly?’

The attitudes of those two really left Sister Yan a bit dumbfounded. Left without much choice, she finally nodded and brought those two into her office.

Inside, Lin Chuxue just placed down a piece on the board against Sister Lei as she smiled and said, “Checkmate! Let’s see if you can still live or not!”

The two that just came in heard this, and their eyelids directly jumped.

Seeing Lin Chuxue sitting on the sofa, Ou Li immediately went over and got onto his knees.

“Miss Lin, you are someone with a big heart a high status, would you be able to forgive me? I was wrong, really wrong! I shouldn’t have yelled at you, nor should I have threatened you. I’m just a piece of dog sh-t, you will dirty your shoes if you step on me. I swear, we won’t delete your footage, nor will there be any kissing scenes. If you want to use a substitute, you can use one, no problem at all. If you don’t like working with Yan Xian, that’s fine, we will swap him out and get someone else, how about that? Also, for box office, you can take 10% directly, how about that? Whatever makes you happy! Just don’t ban me out of this circle, please! For the past few years I had some small success with investing in films and I got too arrogant, it was all my fault!”

As Ou Li said, he directly kowtowed and it was loud enough to be heard when his forehead collided with the ground.

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  1. Don’t forgive them, they are both trash of society it would contrast everything the mc did till now…

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