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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 247.2

Chapter 247: This is the Man I Like (Part two)

Sister Lei directly shot up from her seat from being startled, and Sister Yan was also dumbfounded by the door watching this unfold.

Lin Chuxue was still calm and gracious as she collected all the pieces and put them back. She got up, but she wasn’t in a hurry to speak. This was how the circle worked. If you were weak, people will take advantage of you or bully you. So, people in this circle, especially women, should know how to protect themselves. Almost everyone will wear a mask, and they would do whatever works to float their boat. So, Lin Chuxue wasn’t too convinced that those two knew they were wrong just with a few sentences.

If it wasn’t Xu Cheng sorting things out from behind, how in the world would these two come and do this? To be frank, these guys were really out of options. These two were the typical “bully the weak, scared of the powerful” type, and if it wasn’t for Xu Cheng, she would probably have to leave this circle or be casting-couched. 

Upon seeing Lin Chuxue unmoved, he turned around and directly dragged Yan Xian over. Yan Xian finally came to his senses and also kneeled and said in a low voice, “Miss Lin, please give me a chance.”

Both of them were on their knees.

Sister Lei and Sister Yan still couldn’t wrap their head around what was happening. What the f-ck is this? What just happened inside this circle? Within one day, the president of a production company and a veteran A-list celebrity just came over and kneeled?

At this moment, Lin Chuxue opened her mouth. “In fact, I didn’t want to let things progress to this point. I already said, you can get the penalty for me breaching the contract from the company and we just need to follow the proper procedure. It’s not a big deal to me that we can’t get along and thus can’t work together. But, you two insisted on pushing me into a dead corner and playing all kinds of schemes and tricks. You got what you deserved.”

“Yes, yes, yes, we deserve all of this. It was all our fault, but please, Miss Lin, please have some mercy and leave us just a way out, is that alright?” Ou Li and Yan Xian begged nonstop.

“To be honest, I didn’t do these things. I haven’t left the company for the past two days, and I already turned off my phone because I didn’t want the media to disturb me. So, I’m afraid that you came to the wrong person,” Lin Chuxue said.

Ou Li immediately began crying. “Miss Lin, please let us go on this once, please! I know that you can make this all over with just one call, we beg you! Yan Xian and I will head out and shoulder all the blame and face the media, and we promise to not damage your reputation in any way! Please just forgive us, and give Mr. Xu a call… If he’s still angry, we can visit him too and kowtow to him and apologize!”

Lin Chuxue: “Alright, you two can get up. This building is still surrounded by reporters and the paparazzi all thanks to you two. Just go down and explain to the press, and don’t bother me again, and this will be over.”

Ou Li and Yan Xian were elated. “Thank you! Thank you so much, Miss Lin!”

Lin Chuxue: “The door’s right there.”

Ou Li and Yan Xian immediately got up and bowed as they thanked Lin Chuxue, taking a bow every three steps until they got out of the door, leaving only the dumbfounded Sister Lei and Sister Yan standing there, looking at Lin Chuxue.

After Lin Chuxue packed up the chessboard, she grabbed some food as she said, “Sister Lei, this is the man I like. He doesn’t have to have a glamorous exterior with fancy clothes, luxury cars, upscale mansions, and he even looks ordinary and isn’t the romantic type too, but whenever I’m wronged or bullied, he will go and seek justice for me from anyone!“

Sister Lei nodded. “Yeah, your man is truly a hidden boss, too lowkey yet too awesome!”

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