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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 248.1

Chapter 248: Rejected (Part one)

After Yan Xian walked out of the office, he let out a breath of relief. He felt a bit fortunate that things weren’t as severe as he thought. 

When Ou Li got out of the elevator, he received a call from Young Master Hu. As Ou Li listened, he continued to glance at Yan Xian who was standing behind him as he said, “Alright, I understand what to do now, Young Master Hu. Thanks for letting me off the hook. I know what to do now.”

Yan Xian walked over and asked Ou Li, “When you said in there that you were going to delete my scenes and host reshoots, you were just kidding, right?”

Ou Li replied, “What do you think? Of course they will be deleted.”

Yan Xian became anxious. “But I did really well in this movie, I can guarantee the box office will sell very well!”

Ou Li looked at Yan Xian and said, “You need to know that you are now being nominated by the State Administration of Media and Entertainment! The movies casting you will only attract hate. Now, I want to discuss something with you. That 50 million you invested, I will return it to you, and I will delete your scenes in my movies. Starting from now, you have nothing to do with those five movies.”

Yan Xian was dumbfounded. “President Ou, I mean, Big Brother Ou, what are you talking about? Aren’t we in the same boat? Things went well back at that office and now you are drawing a line with me? How can you throw me away at this period of time? I was still hoping I could get back on my feet with the money earned from those three movies…”

Ou Li was getting impatient as he said, “Then you should check your reputation right now. Look at you, surrounded by scandals. Wouldn’t I be asking to be cussed at if I still star you in my movies? Besides, even if the cinema line gives us the green line, you are still being nominated by the State Admin. Wouldn’t I be going against them if I still keep you around? Don’t try to convince me anymore, the money will be back in your account by tomorrow. Don’t come and look for me in the future, just go wherever you want to go. I regret getting into the same boat with you.”

Then, Ou Li turned, about to leave.

Yan Xian began to panic. “Big Brother Ou, you can’t be like this, you just returned 50 million but I owe 30 million, and that leaves me with only 20 million of start-up funds! It’s not going to be enough for me to start a studio… Please, just let me continue to participate and get a share of the revenue. Please, I’m begging you.”

“Are you done?” Ou Li glared at him. “I’m telling you, sorry, I will no longer work with you in the future.”

Then, he got into his car and left.

Yan Xian anxiously turned around and said to his agent, “I apologized now, they won’t target me for sure now. Will the company renew the contract with me? Don’t worry, I won’t offend people in the future, can you talk to the president for me? Also, go and tell those advertisers that cancelled our contract, tell them that I will get PR to wash away my scandal and it definitely won’t affect their brand image.”

The agent bitterly laughed. “Yan Xian, are you a three-year-old? If you give me a slap right now and then apologize to me, do you think I would forgive you? Don’t be stupid, just take care of yourself. The man behind Lin Chuxue definitely wouldn’t forgive a man that was trying to take advantage of his woman. That is a man’s bottomline. Starting from destroying your reputation with the scandals, he never planned on forgiving you.”

Yan Xian’s face drastically changed as he furiously shouted, “B-stard, then why did you still get me to come and apologize?”

The agent snorted. “Of course it’s because you were nominated by the State Admin. Do you know who was the one that wants to screw you over? It’s someone that even our president has to listen to, and that guy directly said that he wants to screw you over. If you didn’t come and apologize, then the company would be going down with you. It probably wouldn’t go bankrupt, but it would definitely be set back a few years and have a lot of resources snatched away by competitors. The company obviously wouldn’t risk offending that big character just for a celebrity like you. Besides, those advertisers and other presidents of the companies inside the circle already said, if you don’t leave the company, then they won’t be doing business with our company anymore. So, getting you to come and apologize is for the sake of the company, and it has nothing to do with getting the people you offended to forgive you! Alright, I’m done, and I’m leaving too now.”

After that, the agent left, leaving behind the furious Yan Xian that almost ran after him to choke him to death. At that moment, his phone rang.

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