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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 249.2

Chapter 249: White-Haired Elder (Part two)

Xu Cheng nodded. “I don’t think there’s a person yet in the city of Shangcheng that can drink Dahongpao(TL Note: the most expensive type of Oolong tea there is). Originally, since I offended too many people in this city, I was a bit cautious by your sudden appearance here. However, after I drank that tea, I realized that I’m overthinking it, because I haven’t offended someone at this high of a level. Someone like you probably wouldn’t lower yourself to my level to teach me a lesson, but I’m sure that you know me and that you came here just for me. From the temperature of the tea, you should have been waiting for me for about 20 minutes now.”

The elder lowered his hand that was practicing Tai Chi and nodded admiringly at Xu Cheng. “A sophisticated mind, I like it.”

Xu Cheng poured himself another cup proudly. He wasn’t treating himself like an outsider at all as he drank one cup after another, despite this tea being specially prepared for the highest class of people in the nation. Then, he wiped his mouth and asked the elder, “So, what are you here for? If you just want to make friends with me, then just for this tea, I accept it, and I will definitely benefit from this friendship in the future.”

The elder smiled, feeling that this kid was pretty interesting, neither haughty nor humble but calm and collected. He said, “My tea isn’t free to drink. I have a set of fist strike techniques, and I will practice them once. If you can remember it, I can give you the rest of the tea leaves in the jar by the teapot. But if you can’t remember… I’m old and my body can’t take it after waiting for you here for too long so I’m afraid that I can’t go back on my own, so how about you carry me back on your back?”

Xu Cheng lifted his eyebrows. “Tai Chi?”

The elder shook his head. “No.”

Xu Cheng: “Then you can demonstrate and I will watch. But even if I win the bet, I will carry you back. It’s just a small favor, just see it as me paying you for those two cups of tea.”

“We will see if you can remember or not first.” The elder slightly smiled and reached out his two hands. “Watch closely.”

Xu Cheng nodded as he put his two hands together. How hard could a set of techniques demonstrated by this old man be? Unless it wasn’t martial arts but some dance moves, in which case he would forfeit immediately. 

Then, he stared at the old man’s hands without even blinking. At the next instant, he just felt that his eyes suddenly lost focus as the elder’s hands began moving like shadows. Normal people could only feel that the elder made a few moves with his hands, but Xu Cheng had powerful sensory abilities. Very soon, he realized that the elder’s fist strike techniques were not simple at all. Just that speed alone would make it seem like the elder hands had barely moved in an ordinary guy’s eyes, but in fact, he had already practiced a full set of techniques. Even with his powerful ultrasonic sense, Xu Cheng could barely match the old man’s speed.

Then, Xu Cheng began sweating off his forehead.

After the elder finished his demonstration, he looked at him with a faint smile and asked, “How much do you remember?”

Xu Cheng said awkwardly, “Twe- Twelve strokes.”

The elder’s eyes brightened. “Oh? You really remembered twelve strokes?”

Xu Cheng closed his eyes and recalled what just happened before his eyes and said sincerely, “Yes, twelve strokes.”

The elder faintly smiled. “But I used thirty strokes just now.”

Xu Cheng pouted. “If you practice it again, I promise I can remember them all.”

The elder laughed and said, “It’s fine, I will come again tomorrow. I will leave now for today.”

Then, the elder went to the pavilion to pick up the teapot set.

Xu Cheng became a bit anxious. It was like someone addicted to martial arts suddenly came across a top level hidden technique book and left everything else in his mind behind. He immediately got up, chased after the elder, said, “Let me carry you home.”

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