Chapter 250: This Brat is Not Bad (Part one)

The elder smiled slyly and then looked at Xu Cheng. “Will you be able to though?”

Xu Cheng stretched his arm. “I can carry even if you add ten more grandpas on top of you.”

Then, he lowered his body. “Come on.”

The elder got onto Xu Cheng’s back and wrapped his hand around his neck. Then, he concentrated his qi into his dantian region and cemented down his force.

When Xu Cheng tried to get up, he realized that the old man was abnormally heavy. He completely didn’t expect it and almost threw his back out, and his legs even shivered a bit.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and immediately realized that this elder was no simple old man. 

The elder laughed and asked, “Didn’t I warn you? You might not be able to.”

“Who said so?” Xu Cheng faintly smiled and then summoned more strength. When he slightly lifted the elder, the elder used his internal force and weighed himself down even more. 

Xu Cheng instantly felt as if ten big bags of rice were added onto his body. This heavy old grandpa made him take a big breath in.

The elder smiled kindly and said, “Don’t force yourself, young man. You will get laughed at by others if you were to throw your back out.”

Xu Cheng also laughed. “Elder, I’m not good in other parts but my waist is excellent. I still want to save it to perform well for my wife in the future. Don’t worry, carrying you is just a piece of cake.”

Then, Xu Cheng gritted his teeth and multiplied his force by ten times and immediately carried the elder up as he stood up tall and firm.
The elder’s eyes slightly brightened and the corner of his mouth seemed like he was smiling but also not really. Immediately, he channeled his internal force and increased his weight again.

If it felt like 10 bags of rice just moments ago, then right now, Xu Cheng felt like a heavy-duty safe had just slammed onto his body. Completely unexpected, Xu Cheng almost coughed out blood.

“Elder, you are pretty heavy, aren’t you?” Xu Cheng took a step and found it to be particularly difficult.

The elder smiled. “My home might be a bit far from here.”

Xu Cheng gritted his teeth. “It’s fine, I told you I’m going to carry you home so I’m going to do it.”

Then, Xu Cheng moved forward, step by step, and by the time he had gotten out of the park, his forehead was already covered in sweat. Those people waiting at the bus stop all found it pretty strange to see such a young and burly guy getting this tired out from carrying a vulnerable-looking white-haired old man. It took him one second per step, and people didn’t take notice that with each step Xu Cheng made, he left behind a deep footprint, clearly showing how heavy the old man was. 

The elder couldn’t help but ask Xu Cheng, “Little brat, how do you exercise normally? Your body’s not bad, right?”

Xu Cheng wiped his sweat as he said a bit provocatively, “It’s alright.”

“Oh, is that so?” This time, the elder completely unleashed all of his force, weighing down on Xu Cheng’s back. 

Xu Cheng’s was walking on some stones when his foot suddenly shattered the stone slabs and his back almost completely dropped forward. When his back was bent to about 30 degrees, Xu Cheng gritted his teeth and raised his power to 15x in order to avoid kneeling. 

The elder was feeling more and more satisfied as a smile hung on his face.

Not only didn’t Xu Cheng go down to the ground, he even raised his power to 20x to get his back straightened again. Then, he took a deep breath, not wanting to let this old man gradually drain his energy and damage his muscle tissue endurance, so he directly summoned explosive energy and began running.

The elder’s eyes opened up wide. This brat can actually still run in this situation?

He was slightly dumbfounded.

Xu Cheng wasn’t feeling comfortable at all though, carrying a heavy-azz old man that weighed almost a thousand kilograms while running. At this moment, Xu Cheng’s phone began ringing. He said to the old man, “Elder, can you grab my phone from my back pocket?”

The elder nodded, grabbed his phone, and picked up, “Hello?”

Lin Chuxue was a bit shocked at first since it clearly didn’t sound like Xu Cheng.

“Xu Cheng’s not available right?”

“Oh, he’s carrying me to cross the road right now. You must be his wife, right? Your man has a good waist and a kind heart.”

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