Chapter 251: Let Him Remember My Sandbag-sized Fist (Part one)

 After returning to the park, Xu Cheng went back to the pavilion. He closed his eyes and began recalling the 30 strokes that old man had just practiced. It was indeed unpredictable and unbelievable. To be honest, this was the first time Xu Cheng couldn’t see through a person’s movements. Regarding those fist strike techniques, no matter how Xu Cheng used his ultrasonic ability to capture the strikes, he could at most see 12 strokes.

After opening his eyes, Xu Cheng tried to practice the 12 strokes he already memorized. After practicing it once, he shook his head. “No, not fast enough still.”

Then, he began to try again and imitate the elder, but no matter how hard he tried, his speed just couldn’t reach that elder’s level. He scratched his head. “It feels like those 30 strokes must be a complete set of fist strike techniques, the 12 strokes I remembered is incomplete and maybe that’s why I can’t connect it smoothly together. It’s alright, the old man’s going to come again, and tomorrow I will try to remember it all.”
Xu Cheng really found this technique fascinating. Why? Right now, Xu Cheng had a high quality body, whether it was subconsciousness, stamina, speed, power, or sensory ability. However, he still didn’t have an offensive technique that belonged to him. He could still fight average enemies, but if he were to run into someone even stronger, someone that could actually best him in strength and speed, then he would only be on the side of getting hit, because he really had no other advantage that could allow him to attack others. 

Right now, he felt his body was an unbreakable blade with a terrifyingly-sharp edge, yet he didn’t have any technique that could use this blade to its full extent.

This was also why since his body began to undergo changes, at most times he could only be on the passive side and try to grasp the enemy’s attack patterns first, just like when he faced the North Gate Gang’s master and at the competition. Xu Cheng would always take on his enemies head on with brute force, but that could be very deadly for him in the future because once he loses that edge against someone of a higher level, he would have no chance of winning because he really had no other cards in hand. 

So, when that elder demonstrated that fist technique, Xu Cheng knew it was a high-level technique that could perfectly compliment what he already had, and that was why he was so tempted, completely putting his guard down against that old man before verifying if he was there to do him good or harm. But then again, just like he said, an elder that could drink Dahongbao wouldn’t stoop down to his level to personally teach him a lesson. So taking that along with what the general commander said to him earlier, he guessed that this was the old friend that the general commander was referring to.

Back at the condo, when Xu Cheng opened the door and walked in, Lin Lei, who was sitting and waiting for him on the sofa, directly shot up to his feet and came up to ask, “Brother-in-Law, are you crazy? You are really taking my sis back to Great Britain? What are you thinking?”

Xu Cheng took off his sportswear which was already soaked with sweat and walked into his room to prepare for a shower as he said to Lin Lei, “You are even calling me Brother-in-Law, if I don’t take her back to her country and declare to the rest of the Lin Family that I’m marrying this woman, how would it be fair for your sister? Am I just going to hide her here forever?”

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