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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 251.2

Chapter 251: Let Him Remember My Sandbag-sized Fist (Part two)

Lin Lei anxiously said, “But if you do that, you might be forever left in the British Empire! Have you thought if you can come back alive? My dad was scared of getting you in danger after marrying my sister to you, and that’s why he got you two to come back to Huaxia and also made the marriage classified. If you were to go back now, not to mention whether your marriage with my sister would provoke the men that wanted to have my sister, just those people you offended back in school alone are hoping and praying for a chance to teach you a lesson. To be honest, you aren’t going back to give my sister the  rightful public title as your wife but to kill yourself. Besides, those rich and powerful people would rather imprison my sister in Great Britain than allow her to go back to Huaxia since they couldn’t get her. Have you thought about all of this?”

Xu Cheng turned around and said to Lin Lei, “I know what you are worried about, and you also know that I love your sister. I will have to face those people sooner or later, and your sister has already become a citizen of Huaxia and she’s also a public figure so we don’t have to worry about her security because Great Britain and Huaxia both wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her. As for me, that would be the least of your worries. Back then, I could play with them in school, and now that we are all grown up, I can still toy around with them.”

Lin Lei: “How are you going to play with them? Back then, school had rules. But now, we are all adults, and those you offended are all part of the military or those with super wealthy backgrounds. Those people have grown up, and they now have power and are really above the law. Your appearance will trigger their dark memories from childhood. Those guys will definitely try to kill you, if not to teach you a lesson. Brother-in-Law, I know the kind of sh-t they do. Sometimes, at the nightclub or some dark corner, some people wouldn’t even know when they got bagged by the head, and their bodies would only be found on the next day in the Thames River or something.”

After Xu Cheng grabbed a towel and put it by his shoulder, he looked at Lin Lei and said, “Lei, even if I die, I wouldn’t want to take after the steps of my father. He was a very successful man, but the biggest failure about him was not being able to be with the woman he loved. Even after he died, the one he loved had never been to his tomb to visit him. I don’t want your sister to be with me without a rightful title. My wife is this beautiful, graceful, and kind, yet I can’t give her a rightful title and have to make her stay married to me in secret, do you understand that pain? In the past, I wasn’t sure if your sis was still determined in our relationship, but now, I know for a fact that our affection never disappeared. So, for her, I have to go back to Great Britain this time, I need to go and tell those aristocrats that are still single to go f-ck themselves and not think about my wife anymore!”

Lin Lei bitterly smiled. “We don’t want you to go because Dad can no longer protect you. You also know that Dad’s company has been shrinking every year, and his status and influence has been deteriorating. He can’t protect you at all now, do you know that? These are all some things that you and Sis don’t know. In fact, Dad’s corporation is in a crisis, and if you two go back this time and someone wants to use the future of Dad’s corporation to exchange for my sister’s marriage, what bargaining chip do you have?”

Xu Cheng raised his fist. “These! Just like when we were young, I will just need to make them remember my sandbag-sized fists! Alright, I’ve already made my mind. If you are scared, you don’t have to go back with us.”

Lin Lei helplessly sighed. “If I don’t go back, who’s going to retrieve your corpse…”

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