Chapter 253: I Believe He Will Come (Part one)

The old man waved his hand. “No rush, just sit down. I have something to say first.”

Xu Cheng then sat down and looked at him.

The old man also looked at Xu Cheng and said in all seriousness, “Do you understand the nature of the Dragon Division?”

Xu Cheng went a bit blank. “Not really, but is it different than being a spy or special agent working for the country?”

“Of course, a big difference.” The old man said, “Spies and special agents are part of national security, but they are at most regarded as the country’s ears and eyes. As for the Dragon Division, it’s the nation’s shield and spear. It doesn’t belong to any department and is fully independent, putting it above the entire police system. There will be blood with every operation, and it can be said that this organization’s the guardian of the nation. Do you know the meaning of a guardian?”

“Guardian?” Xu Cheng pondered.

The old man: “Yes, an eternal guardian, just like how you secretly love your wife from a young age and will also guard her for the rest of your life after you grow up. To her, or to the country, your loyalty will always come first. No matter what state the country has fallen to, its security and danger will be with the guardians. If the country is well, you will be well, but if the country is destroyed, you will have died protecting it.”

Xu Cheng looked up at the old man. “You are not afraid of me refusing it?”

The old man faintly smiled. “You won’t.”

Xu Cheng: “Why?”

The old man: “Because your father has the blood of a soldier, and even though he was chased by the Ye Family for his entire life, he still didn’t think about leaving this country. In his mind, being buried in a foreign country would be a humiliation, and he rather face the deadly pursuit of the Ye Family then flee the country and go to a safe place very far away.”

Xu Cheng’s eyes reddened at the mention of his father. “But what end did he have? When he was buried, he couldn’t even have an official burial to be put on record, because the moment his real name was registered, the Ye Family would find out and in turn find me. He couldn’t even get his real name and great achievements engraved on his tombstone, and I couldn’t even put my identity as his son on it! I will remember this for the rest of my life, and I’ve been thinking about it everyday I spent growing up in the British Empire. One day, I will revamp my father’s tombstone and bring glory! So, I came back, and I joined the military to change myself!”

The old man: “Let’s not talk about the grudges of your older generation at the moment, you have a strong sense of belonging to this country, and that’s the example your father set up for you since childhood. With such a father, you wouldn’t betray him and do something that goes against his bottomline, and his bottomline is that he deeply loves this country. That mark is branded into his bones, as a soldier of Huaxia.”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed. “That’s right, in fact, I also have this weakness.” 

The old man: “This isn’t a weakness but a virtue. It is also one of the reasons I’m here talking to you right now. The Dragon Division is noble and sacred, but that’s only for the soldiers that deeply love this country. As for those that are afraid of dying, the Dragon Division is just a suicidal place. You will never know when the country will face danger, and every mission that requires the Dragon Division would never been simple. Sometimes, you will really have a slim chance of returning alive. For true soldiers, death is not scary, but a worthless death is. If the person doesn’t love the country enough and isn’t willing to sacrifice, then they obviously can’t work under the Dragon Division, because the Dragon Division itself is a department that no one knows or praises about. In the entirety of history, it has been invisible. So, if you didn’t have a heart that loves the country to the bone, I wouldn’t have come looking for you. Of course, that fist technique I attracted you with yesterday, it can be regarded as my bargaining chip with you. It was also because I wasn’t confident in persuading you.”

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