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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 253.2

Chapter 253: I Believe He Will Come (Part two)

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed. “You are right. Dying is not scary, but dying without value is. Originally, I thought the Dragon Division just carries out high level special forces tasks, but at least the operations carried out by military regions comes with merits, honors, and respect. After hearing what you said, I feel the Dragon Division doesn’t suit me that much. Even though I’m very tempted to learn your fist technique, there’s still a lot left for me to do in my life that I don’t want to choose to die anytime soon. Sorry.”

Then, Xu Cheng stood up and went on his way back.

The old man watched as Xu Cheng walked away and he said, not anxious at all, “I will wait for you here tomorrow too. If you don’t show up, then I will regard it as you giving up.”

Xu Cheng still left. He was indeed conflicted. Under the influence of his dad’s military spirit, he obviously didn’t want to go against his father’s grand will, but… he was carrying too many missions on his back. He had to seek justice for his father, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life being with Lin Chuxue and protecting her. These two goals would directly contradict his goal of joining the Dragon Division now. If it was before and he had to die for his country, he would do it without any hesitation. But ever since he got Lin Chuxue by his side and was determined to reveal her identity to the world of being his wife, it would be really counterproductive for him to join the Dragon Division, because that meant he would never know when he might die.

It wasn’t death that scared him. Even if there was no trophy, no merits, and no praise, he wouldn’t be scared. In fact, he was just afraid of leaving Lin Chuxue behind on her own!

After Xu Cheng left, a guard walked out from behind the elder. He also watched as Xu Cheng walked away as he asked, “Master, why did you confess everything to him? In fact, we could just recruit him into the Dragon Division first following the normal protocol and then brainwash him.”

The Dragon Division naturally also had their brainwash procedure, as that was basically what the substitute team is for. These guys would need to be brainwashed for at least two to three years before they could get actual training to join the 54 Cards or the logistics team.

The elder shook his head. “He’s different. If the future Dragon King needs to be brainwashed, that would be the true failure of the Dragon Division.”

The guard: “Future Dragon King? Master, you really decided to go with him?”

The elder nodded. “That’s him, him and no one else. This brat’s potential is limitless, and his future achievements will surpass me for sure. There’s hope for the Dragon Division to surpass its prime days in the past, so I had no choice but to talk to him with full honesty and sincerity. As the future protector of the nation, if it wasn’t his very own will, brainwashing would be useless. A powerful person will eventually break free from the shackles of brainwashing, and by then, the nation will be vulnerable.”

The guard: “But he still declined.”
The elder smiled. “I believe that he will come. He’s not the type that’s afraid of dying. If he was, then he wouldn’t have come back to the country, nor would he plan on bringing his wife back to Great Britain. I think he will understand what I meant, and he will come back.”

The guard was curious. “Master, what did you say to him?”

The elder faintly smiled. “Protect this country, just like protecting his wife.”
The guard: “What does that mean, Master?”

The elder gave him a look. “If you understood, then you wouldn’t still be single.”

Then, the elder turned around and walked away.

Behind his back, the guard couldn’t help but mumble, “You were single for 102 years, why would you still make fun of me…”
The elder almost tripped and fell upon hearing this. “Starting from tomorrow, get someone else to follow me. I heard the northern border of the nation is getting a bit chaotic, you should go and check it out.”
The guard: “…”

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