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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 256.2

Chapter 256: Old 2 (Part two)

Xu Cheng then left the park with Bei Shan.

On the way, Bei Shan curiously asked Xu Cheng, “Did you remember the fist technique the old man showed you?”

Xu Cheng nodded.

Bei Shan was a bit shocked. “You remembered it in just two days?”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “And then I forgot again.”

Bei Shan thought Xu Cheng was joking with him so he was a bit angry. Xu Cheng indeed forgot about the fixed patterns, but what he learned was the essence of the Shadow Fist technique.

Xu Cheng asked, “Senior Brother Bei Shan, what’s your card?”

Bei Shan didn’t say anything, instead he suddenly took out a card from his sleeve. 


Xu Cheng directly caught the card, and when he flipped it over – Ace of Diamonds!

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes.

The Sky King card?

No wonder it felt like he couldn’t see through this Bei Shan. The Dragon Division was indeed a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

Bei Shan laughed. “What about you? Did the old man tell you about your card yet?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed as he sighed. “Don’t mention it, I just feel the resentment brewing inside me when I think about my card. If one day I actually betray the organization, it would be because of this card for sure.”

Bei Shan was quite confused. “What kind of card would make you feel this hopeless?”

Xu Cheng: “Let’s not mention it.”

Bei Shan laughed and said, “Is it a 4? Among the cards, this number gets hated on the most. After all, people like us from Huaxia know the bad omens behind that number. You didn’t get that number, did you?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed. “I wouldn’t be saying that if I actually got 4, because at least that number’s bigger than 2 and 3. But, I’m the 2!”

Bei Shan immediately turned around and looked at Xu Cheng, dumbfounded. “You said you are number 2?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Diamond 2, the smallest card there is.”

Bei Shan said to Xu Cheng, as if there was another layer of meaning. “If you know that the number 2 is only owned by you right now, you wouldn’t be thinking this way anymore. Looks like the old man really has great faith in you. In the future, just come to me if you have any questions. No matter where, as long as it’s a public place, just leave behind your code and I can find you.”

Xu Cheng: “My name is Xu Cheng. Senior Brother Bei Shan, if you call me junior brother, would it expose our relationship? You can just call me Little Cheng Instead.” (TL: In Chinese, you can add Little to someone’s name to make it a friendly nickname for someone younger than you.)

Bei Shan: “We are men, why are we using words like ‘little’. We are in the same group, there’s no need to be this distant. When we get a chance in the future, I will introduce you to the other members of this group. Since you are Diamond 2, then I will call you Old Two from now on.” (TL note: Old Two – slang for pen15)


That’s what I was worried about the most, and that’s why I really just wanted any card but 2. Yet, my worst fear came true!

Yet, this 30-year-old Bei Shan actually dirty-mindedly patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and comforted, “Old Two, work hard. You must know that right now you are the only Old Two of the entire Dragon Division. Your senior brothers will all treat you well. You are the first Old Two since the establishment of the Dragon Division, and you are not just our group’s, but everyone’s Old Two.”


Xu Cheng directly coughed up blood.

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    EPIC ?

  2. Lore

    isnt it 2 is higher than ace in chinese poker ?

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