Chapter 257: Helpless (Part one)

– Early midnight – 

Xu Cheng, Bei Shan, Lin Chuxue, and her brother, the four of them were on a plane flying to Great Britain. Bei Shan looked at Lin Chuxue, and then looked back at Xu Cheng and asked, “She’s your wife?”

Xu Cheng nodded.

Bei Shan asked, still uncertain, “She’s really your wife?”

Xu Cheng: “Yeah, is there a problem?”

Bei Shan: “No problem.”

Of course there would be a problem! Xu Cheng saw that pity (for Lin Chuxue) look and knew that this b-stard thought he didn’t deserve Lin Chuxue, which was like seeing a beautiful flower stuck in a pile of horse sh-t. If it wasn’t because Xu Cheng thought he couldn’t fight Bei Shan, he would’ve stood up and fought him already.

Bei Shan picked up a magazine and pretended to be reading it for a while. Then, when he really couldn’t hold it in anymore, he couldn’t help but ask Lin Chuxue, who was as beautiful as a goddess and sitting not too far from him, “You are really his wife?”

Xu Cheng’s eyelids jumped.

Lin Lei was also pretending to be reading a magazine as he elbowed Xu Cheng and said in an odd tone, “If someone would keep questioning my marriage while hinting that I’m an ugly f-ck, I would’ve beaten him up a long time ago.”

Bei Shan grinned. “No need to instigate your brother-in-law, he can’t fight me.”

Lin Chuxue obviously knew what Bei Shan meant and she chuckled. “Mr. Bei Shan, are you asking why I would marry someone that doesn’t look handsome enough to match my appearance?”

Bei Shan nodded.

Lin Chuxue flirtatiously glanced at Xu Cheng, and then she turned to Bei Shan, smiled, and said, “Mr. Bei Shan, do you think it’s difficult for me to find someone rich and handsome with my conditions?”

Bei Shan: “Not at all.”

Lin Chuxue: “That’s why I took the more difficult option. Although my man Xu Cheng isn’t handsome or rich, he’s very special. In fact, he never lacked any beautiful women around him. If you paid attention to him during recent years, you will realize that the girls that fell for him are especially those types that rich and handsome men can successfully court. So, it’s actually quite difficult to get my man to fall for someone.”

Right now, Xu Cheng really wanted to secretly give Lin Chuxue a big thumb up for her response.

But, Lin Lei also whispered into Xu Cheng’s ears, “My sis could tell that the two girls living with you have some other feelings for you. Can’t you see that she’s warning you? But don’t worry, there are no washboards in Britain, so don’t worry about kneeling on those.” (TL note: In China, a punishment for husbands would be kneeling on a washboard when asking for forgiveness) 

Xu Cheng was just about to say “Alright, Bro” but who knew Lin Lei would slip in another sentence, “But we have a lot of cacti in the backyard. So yeah, I would be careful if I were you.”

Xu Cheng: “…”

The plane landed at the London airport in Great Britain, and Lin Chuxue directly stunned the men that saw her as she walked out of the passenger tunnel. Her figure was coincidently captured by the media that were waiting for some other celebrities. 

The Lin Family’s limo came to pick up the three of them, and Bei Shan took a cab after saying goodbye to them.

Xu Cheng got into the car and rolled down the window as they drove. He looked at the bustling night scene of London, the long Thames River, the little boats sailing as well as pedestrians, and the joggers exercising at night. 

The city didn’t change too much, but the people were not the same as before, and he was no longer the Xu Cheng from the past.

He lightly said, “To be honest, I don’t really like this city at all, although I did spend most of my time growing up here.”

Sitting beside him, Lin Chuxue heard his words and turned to him, placed her hand on Xu Cheng’s big hand, and replied, “Forgot about the unhappy things, this city still gave you good memories, right?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Of course, and that’s you.”

Lin Chuxue gave a heart-melting smile. “Then treat this as a vacation, even if it’s a quiet one. I’m already happy enough that we can come home again. Thank you.”

Xu Cheng: “That’s far from enough. You should know my goal for this trip.”

Lin Chuxue: “Don’t force yourself.”

Xu Cheng: “Not at all.”

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