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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 257.2

Chapter 257: Helpless (Part two)

The car came to a manor, and as the gate slowly opened, the car stopped by a fountain in front of a giant mansion. At the door, the Lin Guiren couple was already waiting. Lin Chuxue got off the car and gave her mom a hug. 

Meanwhile, Lin Guiren just stared at Xu Cheng and said, “Lei probably already told you what should be said, but I didn’t know you would still come.”

Xu Cheng: “Dad, since the family business is in a bit of trouble, you shouldn’t have kept it a secret from us. Do you still see me as your son-in-law?”

Lin Guiren glared at him. “Don’t change the topic. I’m not talking about the business. Just by being here, you are like a gunpowder barrel! Disclosing your marriage with Chuxue to the public will put you in a lot of danger, don’t you know?”

Xu Cheng: “Yeah, I know.”

Lin Guiren: “Then why are you still here?”

Xu Cheng pouted and replied, “This is basically my second home, and you and Auntie are like my parents. If I don’t come, would I still be human? As for the thing about Chuxue and me, we will just let things run its course. If the public finds out about this relationship, we will just let whoever objects stand out. I will take care of him.”

On the side, Mommy Lin immediately came to end the little argument. “Alright, the kids are already back, what are you going to do? Kick them out? Let’s all get back inside now.”
Lin Chuxue immediately put her arm around her dad’s and walked into the house.

Lin Lei glance at Xu Cheng and said, “See? This is the reason I tried to convince you not to come back. Your marriage with my sister is even more important than the family business losing money for the past few consecutive years. Let me tell you, the Third Prince at least came 5 times in the past 2 years to propose a marriage. Not just him, a lot of heirs from large capital groups came, wanting to form an alliance through marriage, and I think the company losing money and business getting worse has something to do with Dad rejecting them. All in all, this sister of mine is a bad omen and if you can’t protect her then you should just hide her, or sh-t will get real when she sees the light.”

“Who you calling a bad omen?” At this moment, Lin Chuxue’s voice floated over and Lin Lei immediately ran into the house. “I didn’t say anything.”

At that moment, Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng just stood at the door and looked at each other. Then, Xu Cheng finally realized something and said, “A few months ago when Dad and Mom came to Huaxia trying to persuade us to divorce, it was actually because the family business was at stake and held up by those people, right?”

Lin Chuxue looked around, not having the courage to look Xu Cheng in the eyes. But she nodded. “There was nothing from us for the past 3 to 4 years, so Mom and Dad thought it was a mistake initially to get us to marry each other, so they asked me if I wanted to divorce you and come back to the country. Whether it’s marrying an heir of a large business empire or the royal family of the country, as long as I like the person and I don’t have to experience any hardships for the rest of my life, it would be alright. And then, you also wouldn’t be dragged into this mess and live under extreme stress and pressure every day.”

After a moment of silence, Lin Chuxue took a breath and said, “At that time, I became really scared. I didn’t know what to do. When I saw you fighting to the death with Gate Master Yan, I really felt bad for you and at that moment, I thought maybe it would also be for the best for me to go back. That way, I could save the company, and without me in your life, you might also live a bit easier. Besides, there were a lot of beautiful and good women around you, so us separating might be for the best for both of us, so… Right now, you still have time to make a decision. I won’t force you. Just think about it through for the next two days.”

Then, Lin Chuxue walked into the house.

In fact, she lied to Xu Cheng. This time coming back, it wasn’t for disclosing their marriage to the world but to save the company and also to liberate Xu Cheng. This decision was already made in Lin Chuxue’s heart, but every time she saw Xu Cheng trying so hard, she wanted to cry. Many times, Xu Cheng said that he would give her the whole world and was willing to offend the whole world for her. At that time, why did she cry? Besides feeling touched, there was also the feeling of helplessness. 

Reality was cruel. No matter how strong an individual was, it was still impossible to take on those big capital predators. This was the feeling of helplessness.

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  1. I honestly hope they divorce if Lin Chuxue is this stupid. Ignore the morons demanding a marriage and listen to the guy who wants to stay together; dont be a dipshit who makes up someone else’s mind for them. I honestly don’t see what’s so good about Chuxue asides from the fact he’s know her for a while. Like literally, her only redeeming quality is her kindness and beauty, as she’s too stupidly tsundere to actually have a relationship with.

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