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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 259.1

Chapter 259: Need to Find Something to Do (Part one)

Seeing that Xu Cheng was about to fight him, Bei Shan waved his hand, laughed, and said, “Alright, I’m just joking with you. But what do you mean by putting the two of Diamonds and the Ace of Diamonds together?”

Xu Cheng had the “How did you not guess it?” expression all over his face and said, “The 2 of Diamonds has something to say to the Ace of Diamonds… How did you get into the Dragon Division with that brain of yours…?”

Bei Shan was speechless. “What do you want from me? Normally, I should be the one that looks for you, not the other way around.”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “Something happened in my family and I need help, the kind of help that’s absolutely necessary because it will affect my family’s livelihood as well as my happiness for the rest of my life. So, I want to borrow some money from you, and if you don’t have money, I need some ideas from you.”

Bei Shan: “How much?”

Xu Cheng: “Not much, just 3 billion. Euros.” 

Bei Shan’s eyes shot wide open. “You might as well just sell me to a prostitution ring and get me to sell azz. How in the hell can I get you this much money in my lifetime? Not to mention it’s in euros!”

Xu Cheng took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one, squatted down, and smoked anxiously. He frowned and said, “Then do you have any ideas? In short, I need to get this money in the near future.”

Bei Shan: “If I were you, I would choose death.”

Xu Cheng handed him a cigarette. “Be serious.”

Bei Shan: “How about killing and robbing?”

Xu Cheng was surprised. “I’m a Dragon Blade, can I even do that?”

Bei Shan: “Only when there’s a mission will you be a Dragon Blade. During other times, you are still you, and whatever you do has nothing to do with the Dragon Division. As long as you are not in Huaxia, you can just do whatever you want. This is also a method used by the Dragon Division to train people. Plus, the more natural you are, the more people wouldn’t suspect you to be tied with special organizations in Huaxia. You think members of the Dragon Division don’t need money to feed their families?”

Xu Cheng looked at Bei Shan and asked, “You have tasks?”

Bei Shan nodded. “Ever heard of the Franka Group?”

Xu Cheng had lived in Britain for a while and also stayed at an aristocratic school. He obviously knew a thing or two about the upper class society in the capitalist world. He nodded. “One of the 10 biggest corporations in Great Britain. You want me to kidnap their chairman?”

Bei Shan shook his head. “No, and doing that also wouldn’t be able to get you 3 billion in cash. Some time ago, a French museum was robbed and the method was extremely clever. The people that committed the crime were definitely top-tier professionals, and 15 precious exhibits were stolen. These items were conservatively estimated to be at least 1.5 billion euros, and several cultural relics couldn’t even be valued.”

Xu Cheng: “You want me to go and find them?”

Bei Shan: “No need for that, we already have clues to the theft. There are a lot of people eyeing them, but it’s just that the masters that were guarding those artifacts weren’t easy to deal with. That’s why everyone was eager to take them but all don’t have the balls to.”

Xu Cheng: “What kind of items are that valuable?”

Bei Shan: “All cultural relics of the last century, and some were Napoleon’s collectibles. There are two pieces that were core artifacts lost in the Old Summer Palace that year during the invasion in Huaxia.”

Xu Cheng’s eyes narrowed. “This is my first mission? It’s not just as simple as you following me here to Britain because you have some things to take care of.”

Bei Shan smiled. “Technically. If you succeed this time, besides those two artifacts that have to be returned to our country, you can deal with the rest however you want. I can help you get an estimate price to sell on the black market. Many people like to collect these items and then release it onto the market, and once the items are back on the market, its price would also multiply. So if we were to bring these things to the black market, the rich people would definitely be interested to buy it either as an investment or a collectible.”

Xu Cheng didn’t even hesitate. “Let’s do it!”

Bei Shan took out a document from his coat and said, “This is the information on the enemies, including the professionals that are guarding the cultural relics. Don’t underestimate them, they are masters on the Sky Ranking.”

“Sky Ranking?” Xu Cheng frowned, “I’ve literally never heard of that.”

Bei Shan: “The Dragon Division compiled a list of world masters and called it the Sky Ranking, and all of the opponents that the Dragon Blades had encountered over the years, who were difficult to deal with, would be recorded onto the list. No one on the list is simple, so one must be extremely careful when encountering them.”

Xu Cheng: “Senior, then what rank are you on the Sky Ranking?”

Bei Shan said nonchalantly, “50th.”

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  1. Honestly the bullshitting is getting worse and worse… sky ranking? How could someone even stay hidden from his ultrasonic waves? There seem to be cultivators so why wasn’t he teached a cultivation technique? If there aren’t cultivators how could anyone stay hidden from his ultrasonic waves and how could anyone even stay alive if he were to seriously kick someone… well 3000 kg is no joke.

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