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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 259.2

Chapter 259: Need to Find Something to Do (Part two)

Xu Cheng’s eyes were wide open. “You are only ranked 50th?”

“That’s still conservative, and it could only be said that our Dragon Blades didn’t encounter stronger opponents yet. The grandmasters are all hidden, and just those that we discovered in Europe have already taken up more than 50 spots on the Sky Ranking, not to mention the elites in chaotic regions like Africa where all the top tier mercenaries are hiding. North America’s special forces are also ranked really high, and those people are usually hired by capitalists after they retire and help secretly train more elites. Among them, an elite that’s working for the Franka Group is a veteran from M Nation’s special forces – the Fifth Division. You should have some understanding of them, they are one of the most secretive forces in the world, and I’m not exaggerating at all when I say this, its level of secrecy isn’t behind the Dragon Division. It’s just that the Dragon Division had never been exposed yet.”

Xu Cheng nodded, learning about this new side of the world for the first time.

“What rank is that guy?”

“112.” Bei Shan said, “The stolen artifact this time was one of the favorite collectibles of the wife of Napoleon III, and one of it is a replica of Napoleon III’s crown. On the birthday of the Queen of England this year, the CEO of the Franka group plans on giving this crown to the Queen in exchange for policy protections for the next few years for the company.”

Xu Cheng said after some thought, “So is this a mission or an idea you are giving me?”

Bei Shan: “Both. From the perspective of a mission, you won’t get any reward for completing it. But from the angle of a friend right now, I’m telling you that other than the two relics that you have to return to the country, the rest can be your reward because the country has no use for them.”

Xu Cheng directly took the file bag and put it into his coat. Then, he said to Bei Shan, “Next time at least make some noise when you appear. After learning the old man’s fist techniques, I might instinctively attack back now, so be careful next time.”

Bei Shan said as Xu Cheng was about to walk away, “That insanely beautiful woman is actually legit really your wife?”

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Am I not worthy of her?”

Bei Shan: “You wanna hear the truth or a lie? If lie, then yeah you are worthy.”

Xu Cheng wanted to kill him. “Go f-cking disappear.”

Bei Shan: “Listen, you only have two days left, because after then, those things will be brought into the palace for the Queen’s birthday.”

Xu Cheng left without looking back. “Don’t worry, I know. Even after they get sent to the palace, I will still go and get them.”

Bei Shan: “Don’t force yourself too much, you still need some sharpening. Remember, you are everyone’s Old Two.” (TL note: translation – you are everyone’s d)

Xu Cheng almost lost his balance. 

When he went back to the Lin Family Estate, there were two limos parked outside. He was just in time to see a tall figure walk out of the car – the Third Prince of the Empire!


(TL Note: history and world context in this story is not 100% true, don’t use what you read here for your history tests.) 

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