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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 260.2

Chapter 260: Little Plan of the Third Prince (Part two)

Lin Chuxue couldn’t help but chuckle. She looked up at the sky. Xu Cheng also looked up along her eyes. Due to the manor being far from the city, the night sky was quite clear and they could see all the stars above them.

At this moment, Lin Chuxue suddenly said, “Then let’s be siblings for a lifetime, okay?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes drooped slightly and a hint of sadness flashed past his eyes. He whispered, “Feel you heart and tell me, is that really what you want?”

Lin Chuxue trembled, and she bitterly smiled. “I know that your real estate and the money you have with Yaoyao comes to about 2 billion yuan, and plus the money I have and the casino shares from Tevez you gave me which comes to 1 billion yuan, it’s a total of 3 billion, but that’s only 400 million when converted to euros. It’s not enough to make up for the 3-billion-euro hole at all.”

Xu Cheng: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier when something this big happened in the family? Maybe I could have found more ways.”

Lin Chuxue bitterly smiled. “I know, you won more than 10 billion yuan of money at the underground bank, but that’s all gone as well when you seized the underground money house. If I told you earlier, would you have been lenient on those criminals for the money? You are not that type of person, and if you did, I would despise you as well. Even with the 10 billion of black money, it would only be 900 million euros, completely not enough as well.”

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Chuxue’s beautiful face under the bright moonlight and said, “Give me some time, trust me.”

Lin Chuxue didn’t reply. After quietly looking at the moon for a while, she peacefully smiled. “I will go back to sleep now.”

Seeing that she was still troubled by her thoughts, Xu Cheng waited for a bit and directly went up the second floor and kicked open Lin Lei’s room. Inside, Lin Lei was dumbfounded when he saw him and his grand entrance.

Xu Cheng asked in a quiet voice, “Your sister seems to have something on her mind tonight. After Will came over and gave you guys the invite, what else did he say?”

Lin Lei leaned against his bed, turned around, and looked out of the window. “Will’s status isn’t very important in the royal family, so in comparison to the heirs of the five big capitalist groups, he might not be able to outcompete them. So, he plans to propose to my sis at the Queen’s birthday banquet in two days. That way, even if the heirs despise him, they wouldn’t dare to ruin the mood on the Queen’s birthday by objecting to the proposal. The Queen would be happy and may set them up as long as my sister nods. Will’s position is rather awkward in the royal family, and him wanting to marry my sis also has something to do with our family company. He wants to use it as his capital backing, and although it’s a big deal and he couldn’t convince my parents, he easily convinced my grandpa and those other relatives in the company. After all, those people are all typical capitalists, and their interests are involved.”

Two days!


The time was too tight!

Not only did he need to complete the mission but also get 3 billion before that birthday, Xu Cheng could feel his head getting bigger.

Even after he finished the mission, it wouldn’t be as easy as using just one day to find buyers. If the 3 billion euro couldn’t hit his bank before the banquet, it would be difficult for Lin Chuxue to reject when Will proposes.

“My sis knows that you might get angry and go cause chaos at the banquet. That’s the royal palace, not our highschool, and she said when you get mad, you are willing to do anything so she didn’t allow anyone in the family to tell you this. But I couldn’t help it. Brother-in-Law, should we just kidnap Will in advance?”

“Wait for my call tonight.” Xu Cheng dropped those words as he quickly left the manor.

There was no time, he had to race against the clock and execute the mission tonight!

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