Chapter 262.3: Mission Complete (Part three)

Xu Cheng tore off a piece of cloth from the edge of his clothes and casually wrapped up the wound. Then, he resumed the defensive posture of the Shadow Fist technique, with one foot in front and one at the back, ready to defend or attack.

Charles narrowed his eyes. “You are not European, that stance of yours… You’re Asian!”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Since you found out, then don’t dream about surviving this fight.”

As he spoke, he advanced with Shadow Steps. Shocked, Charles quickly dodged to protect the critical areas of his body while trying to defend using his two fists against Xu Cheng’s sharp attacks.

He tried to meet wherever Xu Cheng targeted with his spiked brawler’s gloves, trying to get Xu Cheng to hit the metal spikes. Xu Cheng was obviously not dumb. When his fist was about to hit Charles’s gloves, he immediately retracted his fist and swung his elbow around instead, landing a solid hit on Charles’s face.

Every punch Xu Cheng threw carried about a thousand pounds of force, and the elbow strike landing on Charles’s face was enough to make him dizzy and almost faint, feeling as if his jaw had almost dislocated. At least 3 teeth flew out of his mouth due to the sheer force of that attack.

Feeling that his whole head was about to dislocate to somewhere else, Charles immediately took a few steps back, wanting to create a buffer. But Xu Cheng took one big step forward, not giving Charles any chance to recover as he punched towards Charles’s temple. Charles struggled to block it with his fist, but Xu Cheng’s wrist suddenly softened as his fist turned into a solid palm strike, landing a solid smack onto Charles’s ear.

Charles’s brain shook hard in his skull, his eardrums ringing loudly as he felt as if the whole world was spinning. 

After delivering that big smack, Xu Cheng stepped up once more, grabbing onto the back of the guy’s head, lifted his knee, and yanked his head hard against it.

Amidst the chaos, Charles tried to use his hands to push Xu Cheng’s knee down to prevent his forehead from cracking against the blow. But Xu Cheng’s other hand suddenly lifted high up into the air before descending rapidly from the sky with his elbow directly landing onto Charles’s neck.

With a loud bang, Charles felt as though his neck had been cut off. His whole body felt onto the ground as he continued spurting blood out of his mouth. Both of his eyes looked lifeless, his body trembled occasionally, but he never got back up again. 

Xu Cheng directly dragged Charles’s body to where he had left a few drops of blood as well, letting Charles’s blood mix with his so the investigators wouldn’t be able to realize that there were a few drops of the actual thief’s blood amidst the pool that Charles was in. 

Then, he walked towards the vault. The giant security door was equipped with iris, fingerprint, and voice recognition, and all of them were needed to open the gate. The security was pretty tight.

After taking a look at the security system, he thought to himself that he indeed needed some kind of preparation before coming to this place. But since he already went through all this trouble coming up, it would definitely be a shame to just leave now. Then, when he was thinking about how to approach this gate, his eyes landed on that Charles’s dead body, and then to his brawler’s gloves.

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