Chapter 262.4: Mission Complete (Part four)

He directly went over to remove Charles’s gloves and wore it. Then, he aimed at the electronic pad on the gate and punched with full force. The voice that was just asking him to use the iris, fingerprint, and voice scanner stopped abruptly.

A deep dent appeared on the thick tempered steel plate. It was really because Xu Cheng had great power, as an ordinary person wouldn’t have been able to create such a dent even while wearing those diamond brawler’s gloves.

Xu Cheng continued with another punch, and the curvature of the dent deepened.

Another punch followed, and just with that simple yet brutal force, his punches rained down on the metal gate.

After over 50 or so punches, he was already covered in sweat, but the door was also deformed from the repeated pounding.

Finally, when Xu Cheng used his penetration vision and saw that he was just about 2 centimeters away from breaking the door, he took a few steps back, and charged wildly towards the door with his fist in the air. He delivered a mighty punch at the dent!


With a loud bang, his fist pierced through the door. Finally, he tore the entire steel plate open and entered, and he saw the treasures hanging on all the walls.

He looked around for the two that belonged to Huaxia. These were all priceless historical treasures. After Xu Cheng packed them up, he saw the replica of Napoleon III’s crown. This crown was meant to be a gift from the chairman of the Franka Corporation to the Queen for her birthday, and it was a very valuable gift that was almost priceless. When looking at it, he suddenly had an idea in his mind.

After packing up all the cultural relics that could fit in his bag, Xu Cheng put the bag on his back. The elevator was down, and someone probably called the police already since it created such a mess down there and killed so many people. He didn’t want to take the stairs too because there were other security sensors there.

So, he chose to leave directly from the window. He buckled both of his hands on the window guardrail. 

The design of the building was very organized, and pretty much every window of every floor was aligned. Hanging off the window railing of the 58th floor, Xu Cheng let go of his hands, allowing his body to fall to the 57th floor where he would use his thick and strong arms to grab onto the handrail of the 57th floor to weaken his freefall momentum, and then move down to the 56th floor, and then down another one. If someone were to witness this, they would definitely be dumbfounded. All the way up from the 58th floor, one missed handrail could mean a long freefall all the way to death. The person not only needed to coordinate their legs so they didn’t get in the way of falling past a handrail but also have strong enough arms to support the force between his weight and the velocity as they fell. One mistake and they could directly fall straight down and turn into meat paste on the ground.

Bei Shan observed with his binoculars and saw Xu Cheng already reaching the 20th floor, descending in that ridiculous fashion. He couldn’t help but comment, “Tsk tsk, no wonder the division master gave him the 2 of Diamonds. This guy probably still has no idea that in Landlord (TL note: a card game very popular in China), 2 is only below Joker…”

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