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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 263.2

Chapter 263: Going to the Black Market (Part two)

“All dead? Including Charles?”

The assistant nodded. “He’s also dead.”

Terry anxiously asked, “Then what about the artifacts? The door won’t open without my fingerprint, iris, and voice! That’s a safe that can withstand explosions!”

The assistant lowered his head and said, “All stolen…”

Terry slammed his fist on the seat, “Is this stealing? This is basically a robbery! Could it have been done by an army or something? Or else who can do such a thing?”

Assistant: “Right now the police have blocked off the crime scene. But according to their preliminary investigation, the thief didn’t leave behind anything. Right now we can only sort through the traffic footage around the company and search for any suspicious people or vehicles.”

Terry took off his reading glasses and mumbled to himself, “I f-cking spent so much on acquiring and protecting those things, yet it was still stolen! In one night, I lost at least 2 billion euros! Get them to give it a thorough investigation! 2 billion, that’s enough to buy the life of a country’s president! Go to the black market and search for me too! Tell them, whoever dares to take those artifacts are directly going against me!”

Lin Lei got Xu Cheng’s call in the middle of the night, telling him to prepare the family’s private jet. Lin Lei felt like his brother-in-law was about to stir sh-t up again, but he couldn’t sleep anyways so he might as well snuck out of his room. He then went to their private airport to meet up with Xu Cheng and Bei Shan.

On the plane, Bei Shan looked at Lin Lei and asked Xu Cheng, “Mexico’s black market is really chaotic, you sure you want to bring him?”

Lin Lei said, “Listen, I’m not a kid anymore. Sometimes, the black hearts of capitalists are a lot more terrifying than the black market.”

Xu Cheng: “It’s fine, just bring him. This brat’s used to following me around.”

– Mexico – 

Due to the long border between M Nation and Mexico, illegal trading activities were very prominent, and the mafia and gang forces had deeply rooted themselves into this land. In Mexico, street violence, kidnapping, shooting police, and other crimes were all quite common, and it had severely affected the tourism economy and even international image of the country. There were six major gang families gathered here in Mexico, which all the crimes in this country revolves around.

This place was also home to the comprehensive black market of North America, without government jurisdictions, taxes, or legal restrictions. The moment your products were lost and stolen and ended up being somewhere here, unless your background was especially powerful, trying to get back your belongings would just be a waste of time.

At midnight, Bei Shan rented a car so broken that it could be sent to the junkyard tomorrow. Xu Cheng and Lin Lei couldn’t help but complain, “Can’t you f-cking get a better car?”

Bei Shan snorted. “If you don’t want trouble coming to look for us, then we should act as poor as possible. Kidnapping is the traditional game of the Mexican gangsters, and the amount of kidnappings happening here is ranked second in the world, only below Colombia. If you want to get a good car and we manage to drive through the streets without getting preyed on by those sensitive savage kidnappers, you can f-ck my azz however you want.”

Xu Cheng looked at the 10 pieces in the car. Taking away the three that belonged to Huaxia and the crown, he still had the 10 artifacts here. At this moment, Lin Lei snorted and said, “You really underestimate the level of enlightenment the bad guys here have reached. As long as it’s an unfamiliar car, they will rob you and kidnap you whenever they feel like it. You really think this sh-t box and ordinary clothing can cover up the handsome face of a noble like me?”

Right after he said that, indeed, in front of the pitted road came a group of people with guns directly pointed at them.

Bei Shan looked at them, then looked at Xu Cheng, then said, “This is why I didn’t really want you to bring him over.”

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  1. Hello TL. I’ve noticed a repetition of Chapter 263. This one is supposed to be Chapter 264; but instead of that, 263 is repeated. Though in the email, it’s 264…in opening it, it’s 263. Please can you check that and rectify it?

    • noodletowntranslated

      Hey Anita, so our editor made an oopsie when publishing the post and included the wrong link, so the email was sent out with the wrong link. However, he fixed it right away, so if come to the home page and go directly to the updated post, the links are all correct

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