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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 264.1

Chapter 264: Intercepted (Part one)

Xu Cheng asked Lin Lei curiously, “How did you know?”

Lin Lei bitterly laughed. “I was kidnapped once because a woman got jealous of me for hitting on someone else. Besides, at a place like this, cars barely pass by at night, and once there is one, it will most likely be robbed.”

Bei Shan looked at those kidnappers and said, “Bro, it’s not our first time here. We know the rules. Here’s the toll.”

Then, he took out 10,000 dollars and passed it to the leader of the group.

Normally, the boss would definitely tie everyone up first, but after seeing how tall and burly Xu Cheng and Bei Shan were, he knew those two were either special forces or mercenaries. Most importantly, these people were yellow, and to be able to roam here as Asians, their background must not be simple, so it was best to avoid trouble before getting to know their identities. So, after taking the money, he moved out of the way. “Leave.”

His men withdrew their guns and then cleared out of the way, and Bei Shan smoothly drove past them.

Bei Shan knew Lin Lei was quite curious so he explained, “This place is run by the six big gangs and they obviously wouldn’t just kidnap random people on the road. The rest are little forces and they obviously have to be careful with who they kidnap so they don’t accidentally offend someone they shouldn’t. It’s common here to see them bully the weak and suck up to the strong.”

Xu Cheng gave him a big thumbs up. “Definitely a pro.”

Bei Shan: “Pro my a$$, remember that 10 thousand dollars, you have to return that to me once you sell those artifacts.”

The car successfully entered the black market city. To ensure absolute safety of the transactions inside the black market, the six gangs’ guards were stationed at the gates, requiring all visitors to store their weapons with them before entering. Xu Cheng and the others were searched before being allowed in.

“There are many madmen in the world that chase after excitement. Although this place is chaotic, there are many visitors that would come to tour. It’s relatively safer in the city, after all, the six big gangs are the emperors here, and they have absolute control and quite a strong influence here. Of course, they are gangs, so if someone paid them to get something done, then you are probably not getting out of this place. This is the difference between state and private.”

Although it was already night, Xu Cheng still saw a lot of people out, and there were people of all kinds of races. Bei Shan brought those two directly to a hotel.

A bodyguard in sunglasses led the three of them up to a suite on the 5th floor. Inside, a bearded Middle Eastern man that just bathed and was in a robe opened the door and hugged Bei Shan with great enthusiasm.

“My brother, you are finally here! I heard that you have the cultural relics that were stolen from Fontainebleau Palace so I’m really interested. Do you still have them?”

Bei Shan pouted his mouth towards Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng untied a cloth bag on a table, spreading the items out. There were a scepter, a medieval European ivory plate, an ancient monument brooch, a church oil painting from the last century…

The Middle Eastern rich man took out a magnifying glass and looked at them carefully as he complimented, “Tsk tsk, these are indeed the favored collection of Queen Ou Renni of Fontainebleau Palace, and I’ve seen these during exhibitions. However, rumor has it that they were already flown into Great Britain, How did you guys manage to get your hands on these?”

Xu Cheng: “You don’t need to worry about that, give a price.”
The man walked around and said, “These relics are indeed very precious, and they have invaluable collection meaning. I don’t know how much you want in order to give them to me.”
Xu Cheng: “You don’t have to waste time with us, or we will all be in danger staying here for too long if this thing gets exposed. 1.2 billion, euro, deal or no deal.”

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  1. TL, I really don’t get the link btw chapter 263 and 264. I guess Xu Cheng was talking with his colleague Bei Shan in Chapter 263, and Bei was the one telling Xu how dangerous the road is. But I don’t understand how Lin Lei got into the beginning of chapter 264.
    Pls I’m lost, someone should help me find myself. Lol

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohh cuz Bei Shan was like, dont worry we wont get robbed cuz we got a sh_tty car, and Lin Lei in the last few paragraphs of 263 was like, nah they r smarter than that.
      And then they got robbed, and Bei Shan was blaming Lin Lei for jinxing it, and now in chap 264 Xu Cheng was asking how did Lin Lei know

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