Chapter 264: Intercepted (Part two)

The rich man nodded. It was a price he could accept. For these super wealthy people from the Middle East, the one thing they lacked the least was money. As long as they liked something, he could throw 50 dollars at you for something with a market price of 5 dollars. Don’t ask why, they were just this loaded and willful.
The man indulged for a second, and just when he was about to open his mouth, he saw his bodyguard open the door and walk in to whisper something in his ears. The rich man immediately frowned.

Xu Cheng asked, “Is there something wrong?”

The rich man saw down and asked, “Did you people just come from Great Britain?”

The three of them exchanged a look and didn’t say anything, not denying it.

The rich man: “The chairman of Britain’s largest media corporation already met with Sonora (one of the six big gangs) and said to seize everyone that came to sell these Fontainebleau artifacts…”

Bei Shan laughed. “Mr. Haber, you must be joking right? You would be afraid of Mr. Terry? I heard the Middle East controls the most oil fields in the world, and those that do business with you are all giant corporations of developed countries. You would worry about a media group? Besides, with your identity, I don’t think the six gangs would do anything to you guys, right? After all, the private armed forces of the Middle East is quite terrifying to deal with, otherwise your team wouldn’t have been able to get into the city and be allowed to carry guns.”

The rich man of the Middle East laughed and said, “That is indeed true, Mr. Bei Shan, but in the face of capital interest, a normal person can also go crazy. Besides, you notified me on short notice to come here for the deal. To be honest, I didn’t bring too many men with me. Just two actually. You know the kidnappers here even dare to kidnap kings. The moment they learn I’m carrying these artifacts, you think my two bodyguards can guarantee my safety? I’m also in a difficult spot. These artifacts for 1.2 billion euros, even if I don’t take it, there will be other people that are willing to pay the price. So, the value of these things are on the surface, and there would be mad men that would risk their life for that much money.”

Bei Shan and Xu Cheng exchanged a look. Bei Shan sighed, and he spoke in Chinese, “How about, we will find another buyer another day?”

Xu Cheng: “If this guy doesn’t want it, he wouldn’t be staying here right now. The old man is quite sly.”

Then, Xu Cheng looked at Haber and said, “Mr. Haber, you want these artifacts, so I think it’s not a happy ending for both of us if we were just to abandon this deal, right? I can tell you really like these things, and you also don’t lack the money, right?”

Haber shrugged his shoulders. “But I only have one life though.”

Xu Cheng asked straightforwardly, “I know you still really want these artifacts, so what do you think can help make this deal happen?”

Haber smiled and said, “I want you to take this shipment to where my private plane is parked. It’s not far from here, and I will let the Mexican police know to not give you trouble. I will have my ways of getting these treasures back to my country, and now I just need you to bring the goods out of the black market.”

Bei Shan frowned. “You want us to go against the Sonora Family?”

Haber said, “You guys are already on the list, you can’t bring me onto it too, right? 1.5 billion, I have black money stored in the casinos in Las Vegas. The extra can be considered a token of my appreciation for you to escort the shipment to my plane, how does that sound?”

Xu Cheng thought for a brief moment, and he said with determination. “I will do it.”

Bei Shan’s eyes immediately widened as his face changed. “You crazy?”

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