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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 265.2

Chapter 265: Danger (Part two)

The black man took another smoke and revealed his big white teeth. 

“Yellow dog, I’m not asking you. It’s an order, got it?”
Xu Cheng’s face gradually darkened. “What did you call me?”

The black man laughed and then put on the “What can you do about it” smile as he said again, enunciating each word, “I called you, yellow dog.”

Racial discrimination was the biggest taboo among ethnic groups.

Xu Cheng was angered. We are both minorities in this land, yet you are already looking down on me?

Xu Cheng unloaded the bag and placed it in front of me. “You can try to shoot, but the stuff here is worth billions of euro, and they are all cultural relics that will be ruined by bullets. If you shoot, at least I can go to heaven with these treasures.”

The black man grinned. “The Yellow dog is indeed sly. I didn’t say I want your life. I already told you, just leave the goods, and you can go. This is the last chance I’m giving you.”

Xu Cheng showed a devious smile. Then, he put his bag down. But at the next instant, he charged up and placed his hands below the car, suddenly summoning explosive strength from his whole body.

With his power surging to almost 4 thousand kilograms of power, it was too easy to flip a pickup truck that weighed about 2500 kilograms.

The eight men of the Sonora Family couldn’t even react as they felt their car getting flipped over by a huge force, causing them to fall off the car.

In the distance, Bei Shan’s jaw almost fell to the ground when he saw this. “What the actual f-ck? How much strength does he have to be able to do that? The f-ck?!”

The eight people fell off the car, and two were directly smashed into pulp by the truck. Xu Cheng picked up a gun from the ground and directly began shooting at those men before they could climb up. That black leader wanted to shoot at Xu Cheng while he was on the ground, but Xu Cheng directly sent a bullet through the guy’s wrist.

He began crying in pain.


Xu Cheng walked up to him, squatted down, and asked him, “What did you just call me?”

The leader’s face was all twisted from the pain as he shouted at Xu Cheng, “You will die a gruesome death! You dare to oppose the Sonora Family? You won’t leave this city alive!”

Xu Cheng directly shot at his leg.


The guy screamed miserably again as he rolled on the ground.

Xu Cheng: “Continue screaming.”

He then shot at his other leg.

“F-cking racist scum!” Xu Cheng swore, and he took more shots at the guy’s ankles, hands, shoulders, knees, and limbs, avoiding all the fatal spots. After about 20 shots or so, the guy was covered in blood, wishing to die so he wouldn’t need to endure the pain.

Xu Cheng said to him, “If you don’t die, just remember, this is the consequence of you dissing yellow people. You can remember this lesson for the rest of your life!”

Then, Xu Cheng picked up two rifles and went into a car by the street and put the bag on the passenger seat. Before he left, he could still hear that guy on the ground swearing as blood gushed out of his mouth.

Xu Cheng put the car in reverse and directly crushed that guy’s two legs.

Instantly, an even louder cry broke out.

Then, cars from the Sonora Family began arriving from all directions.

Xu Cheng turned the steering wheel and drove into a narrow street.

The Sonora Family’s people immediately chased after him, and some that even had heavy machine guns installed on their trucks began firing as they chased.

Xu Cheng could hear the back plate of the car receiving all the bullets. Afraid that the bullets would penetrate the back seats and get to him and the artifacts, he immediately did a 360-drift, raising up a wave of dust to interfere their sight. With the help of his vision, he fired a shot while the car was facing directly at the pursuers and head-shotted the guy operating the machine gun.

When the car finished its 360-degree drift, he stomped on the gas again and drifted into another narrow street, the whole process was just gorgeously executed. 

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  1. Krunch

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    This truck od made from what? Plastic? I believe someone forgot add 1 or 2 before 500kg like in 2500kg

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohhh sht thanks for letting me know, I forgot to add a 2 my bad

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    Thank you for the new chapter.I really appreciate your work 🙂
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