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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 266.1

Chapter 266: Then I Won’t Leave this Town (Part one)

Xu Cheng rushed towards the main street of the black market, and his brain accurately calculated the distance and trajectories of the vehicles that were passing by on the road. He adjusted his speed and suddenly drove out of the narrow alley, rushed through the traffic with perfect timing and then dove into the other side of the main street, However, the several pickup trucks chasing after him weren’t as lucky. A few crashed into the passing traffic, while the others had to stomp on the brakes to avoid causing greater traffic chaos.

“He went southeast!” a guy in the vehicle picked up the mic and shouted.

“He killed our brothers. This man must die! Notify the other families, lock this whole city down tonight! Tell them that our Sonora Family will compensate the other families for the lost business from this lockdown, but at the same time, we also hope they don’t help that person, unless they want to become our enemies as well!”

Xu Cheng drove as he fully concentrated on his senses, looking on with his penetrating vision while outputting ultrasonic waves in all directions. Within three kilometers in all directions, all movements of large objects were sensed by him. Xu Cheng controlled the steering wheel with one hand, while lighting up a cigarette with another. He took a smoke to ease the tension, and the feeling of his blood boiling and excitement once again filled up his whole body.

Shortly after, Bei Shan directly charged out from another alley and shouted at him, “They locked down the city, get into my car!”

Xu Cheng shouted, “Can’t, I’m already exposed, so it wouldn’t help if I get into a different car. Don’t worry about me, I will play with them and show them what’s a true city hunter. Oh right, do you know who’s the boss behind the Sonora Family?”

Bei Shan was shocked. “What are you going to do?”

Xu Cheng: “Send his picture to my phone.”

He then turned the car around, not planning to leave the city anymore.

Bei Shan became anxious. He sped up to catch up to him. “Don’t play with death, let’s just let those artifacts go. The Sonora Family has over hundreds of armed people, it’s impossible for you to go against them! Besides, these outlaws also excels at using network and technology. They aren’t just the simple barbaric type, and wherever you go, you are under their surveillance as long as you are in this city. This is also a reason why the people here don’t dare to cause trouble after entering the city.” 

“Are you dumb? I already killed 8 people, you think I can still get out of the city even if I hand over the artifacts? Right now, it’s not me wanting to suicide, it’s them trying to kill me. This isn’t about the money, I have my principles. I was already used to being bullied when I was young, so I told myself that after I grew up, if I get bullied again, I will make them repay 10 times over. Hurry up and get away from me, don’t let them suspect that you are with me.”

Bei Shan shouted, “I’m f-cking ordering you as your superior!”

Xu Cheng: “Sorry, but this isn’t a mission, you have no right to give me orders.”

Then, Xu Cheng took another sharp turn into an alley, ready to retaliate. He drove to some abandoned houses, stopped the car, and ran into the group of old houses with the bag on his back.  

Right after he got out of the car, he could hear a dense wave of bullets raining onto his pickup truck.

At least 4 or so armed vehicles drove into the yard. These guys were like sharks that smelled blood. They shouted as they chased over, muttering a language that Xu Cheng didn’t understand.

Xu Cheng was running in between two abandoned houses, but for some reason, he was able to suddenly jump onto the second floor with a light leap. If it was on the first floor, he could at most shoot at two or three people that were chasing in the front, but it was a different story once he gained the high ground. That vision could allow him to hit a lot of people. He turned around, and under the cover of the dark night, he raised his rifle and sprayed.

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