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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 266.2

Chapter 266: Then I Won’t Leave this Town (Part two)


Many people’s chests were blown up by the chaotic bullet rain, and the first eight people that chased right after Xu Cheng immediately fell to the ground as their body twitched. The people that came later immediately aimed at the direction of the bullets and sprayed and prayed. 

Xu Cheng quickly got behind a wall. He took out the diamond brawler’s gloves from the bag and put it onto his hands.

After those mad men spraying crazily noticed that there were no longer any movements over there, they looked at the 8 of their comrades who were dead on the ground, and the remaining 20 or so people all rushed upstairs.

Xu Cheng smashed open the back wall on the second floor and jumped down from there. When he landed, he noticed the two people, who were guarding the cars, immediately taking aim at him. Xu Cheng was faster by a millisecond as he took aim with his pistol and headshotted the two of them. Then, he jumped onto one of the armed pickup trucks. The gunshots startled those that charged upstairs. When they saw no one upstairs but the big hole in the wall, they realized that their target had already escaped.

“F-ck! He got away!”

The others heard that and immediately turned around and ran down stairs.

Two people poked their head out of the wall trying to catch a sight of Xu Cheng after he jumped off, but when their heads poked out of the wall, Xu Cheng was already ready with the gatling gun stationed on the pickup truck and began spraying.

The bullets immediately exploded those two people’s heads.

Xu Cheng satisfyingly smoked his cigarette. At this time, the cigarette only has a butt left. After casually taking the butt out and throwing it onto the ground, he nonchalantly watched as the 20 or so people come out of the abandoned houses. However, they didn’t expect at all that Xu Cheng had already gotten control of their pickup truck and was on a gatling gun right now. When their eyes met, Xu Cheng faintly smiled.

At the next moment, the 20 or so people’s faces drastically changed as the gatling gun roared mercilessly.

Where the bullets flew past, there were flesh and blood flying in the air. Just like paper targets, more than a dozen or so people were instantly killed. Only 2 were left, and that was only because they had slightly faster reflexes and hid behind a wall. They were both shot in the leg or arm, and they sweated and panted nervously.

Xu Cheng lit up another cigarette for himself, and then he jumped off of the car and closed in on them with his rifle. Since he started this already, he wouldn’t leave any survivors.

The two of them felt Xu Cheng getting closer, and one person immediately took out his phone to call the base. Beside him, his comrade tried to cover for him to buy him time, wanting to directly get out of cover to fight Xu Cheng.

However, with the penetrating vision on, Xu Cheng obviously knew what they were up to.

The moment a guy popped his head out, a bullet immediately passed through it as his body fell to the ground, his eyes left open as they stared lifelessly at the comrade that was trying to make the call. It scared that guy to drop his phone, exposing it in front of Xu Cheng.

The remaining survivor of the Sonora Family swallowed his spittle and pressed his body tightly against the wall, feeling that his heartbeat was about to stop. He didn’t know whether he should go and pick up that phone. Just when he was struggling with his thoughts, Xu Cheng quietly pressed the gun against his head.

He pulled the trigger.


The guy fell to the ground.

At that moment, the call went through, and someone said a bunch of things that Xu Cheng couldn’t understand. Xu Cheng reached down, grabbed the phone, and said, “You don’t want me to leave this city? Then I won’t. Let’s have some fun, just don’t disappoint me.”

Then, he crushed the cellphone with his hand.

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