Chapter 267: Kill the Boss First (Part one)

Shortly after, Xu Cheng received a text from Bei Shan, with a picture of the Sonora Family’s leader.

Xu Cheng looked at his phone and faintly smiled.

When he walked past the pile of corpses, he picked up a phone and a bluetooth earpiece that was connected to the family’s internal communication network. When he stuffed it into his ear, he heard people talking on the channel. But they were all speaking some language he couldn’t understand, so he just threw it away.

He got into a pickup truck that had a gatling gun and drove out of the abandoned house area.

In a luxurious villa, a black man with a long beard and a huge diamond ring on his ear was sitting there, listening to the report of his men. He looked to be very angry.

“How many brothers died, did you say?”

“About 40 so far now,” the side man reported.

Tucci narrowed his eyes. “How much money did we collect from Terry?”

“20 million euros.”

Tucci’s face was very dark, and he said in a hoarse voice, “Do you think 20 million can buy the life of 40 of our brothers? Did you find out the identity of that Asian man yet? Do you know what‘s his background?”

The side man shook his head. “We couldn’t get the information within this little time, and we can confirm that this guy isn’t from the criminal underworld.”

Tucci nodded. “I don’t care who it is, he trampled our bottomline. This man must be killed. Also, tell Terry, transfer another 30 million over, and if he’s not willing, then he will be on our black market’s black list, and we will also send a present to him on his next birthday.”

“Yes, Sir!” the side man said and walked away.

Tucci kept watching the traffic footage, the one where Xu Cheng flipped over the whole pickup truck. He was a bit shocked. “I’ve never seen someone with this much strength.”

At this point, all of the other families had heard the gunshots and explosions and basically knew that the Sonora Family was after one guy, but that guy’s identity was still unknown. However, these big families all had eyes over the city as well, and they basically already knew that this guy was not a simple character, to be able to flip over a truck with eight people in it!

This kind of strength had just never been seen before.

Inside the Tijuana Family’s manor, the leader, Saar, was smoking a cigar. He was awakened by all the gunshots in the city so he asked his people to check what happened. It turned out it was all because of one guy.

“So, did the guy get caught by the Sonora Family yet?” he asked. 

His man reported, “Not only had he still not been caught, the Sonora Family even lost 40 people, and they all died gruesome deaths! This guy had never been seen before in the underground world, and he’s even an Asian.”

Saar: “How did this all happen?”

Saar’s man: “Sonora accepted 20 million euros to intercept some artifacts that were coming into the black market, and they violated the rules and tried to take that Asian guy’s trade goods inside the city.”

Saar said in disdain, “This Sonora Family is really ruining this place’s reputation! Although we are not much better, it’s still a rule set by us, so we should follow the rules at least on the surface. Does the Sonora Family really think this city is run by them alone? They are indeed scum, changing their principles just for 20 million. But, how could such an elite fighter appear from such a weak continent?””

Saar’s man was sweating. “But he is indeed an Asian. Should we send some people out as well to defend the reputation and discipline of our black market?”

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