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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 267.2

Chapter 267: Kill the Boss First (Part two)

Saar opened a bottle of red wine and said, “What’s there to defend? You think there’s still not enough people getting a piece of the cake that is this black market? The five big families all pray for the other families to die out as soon as possible, and this time, the Sonora Family will be severely crippled if not completely die off. This is indeed a good chance for the five other big families. So, don’t worry about it for now, the other families probably all won’t be sleeping tonight as well. Let’s just enjoy the show.”

Xu Cheng already put on a fake skin mask to change his face. He got into a hotel, put the bag under a bed, left a poker card, and then left.

Not long after, Bei Shan came into the room and took the package.

After completely changing his face, Xu Cheng used his penetrating vision to search for the person that most resembled the guy in the photo. 

He drove around, scanning everyone in a 3-kilometer-radius. At last, he arrived near a manor. It was very hidden, and there were layers of guards throughout the territory. The entire garden had at least 50 armed guards on shift, and there was about one kilometer of distance between the main gate and the big villa . With his penetrating vision, Xu Cheng could see Tucci sitting in the living room, and his female companion was making coffee for him.

Xu Cheng confirmed that this guy was indeed Tucci, the head of the Sonora Family.

“This is the place. It’s been a long night, and since we both aren’t sleeping, let’s just play the game,” Xu Cheng said as he lit a cigarette for himself. After taking a few smokes to sooth out the cold night, Xu Cheng used ropes to lock the steering wheel and put a huge rock on the gas pedal. The car directly hit 200 horsepower and slammed towards the gate, while he jumped to the back and got under the car. 

With a loud bam, the iron gates were directly slammed open, attracting those guards on shift. They all took aim and opened fire without hesitation, quickly covering the car with bullet holes.

Inside the villa, Tucci heard the chaos and directly shouted, asking, “What’s happening?”

“Boss, a car charged in. Don’t worry, we will take care of it.”

Tucci nodded. “Be on alert tonight.”

At the gate, 6 people gathered around, and they began cautiously checking out the truck.

“Careful for bombs.”

“Impossible, it would’ve already exploded if there were any.”

The windows were all shattered, and when they got closer, they saw that no one was inside.

Just at that moment, Xu Cheng was hanging from the bottom of the car with one hand and taking out the rifle with another. He fired 6 shots at all of their legs. 

Peng peng peng peng peng peng…

Those people all fell to the ground, and before they could catch a glimpse of what was under the car, Xu Cheng headshotted them all.

At the garden, 40 or so guards of the Sonora Family directly charged over.

Xu Cheng ripped off the pickup truck’s back cover and used it as a shield for himself. Then, he punched a hole through it with one of the spikes on his diamond brawler’s gloves, just large enough to fit a gun barrel through. 

Then, Xu Cheng began to move with the shield in front as he fired from that little hole.

The enemy fire created sparks when they collided with the shield, and Xu Cheng accurately headshotted anyone in sight through that little hole.

Peng peng peng peng peng…

There were 30 bullets in that rifle, and he didn’t waste a single one. No matter where someone was hiding, they were all exposed under Xu Cheng’s penetrating vision.

One shot one kill.

The 30 bullets already took down 30 people within 2 minutes in the exchange of fire of the two sides.

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