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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 269.1

Chapter 269: Inevitable Clash (Part one)

Xu Cheng and Bei Shan successfully left the black market with the cultural relics, and when passing the checkpoint, an inspector said to him, “Mr. Fang, out of respect for you, next time you come, you don’t have to leave your weapon with us.”

“Thank your boss for me,” Xu Cheng said, and Bei Shan drove off.

Haber had been waiting at the airport he parked his private jet at, and one of his men said, “Boss, what are you waiting for? Do you really believe that someone could leave the black market by himself when the whole city is after him? I don’t think we should waste any more time here.”

Haber sighed. “I don’t really believe it too, yet I just can’t help but think ‘What if he is actually lucky enough?’ I do quite like those artifacts, so let’s just wait a little longer.”
With the three of them staring at the airport gate in the distance, a truck appeared. When Haber saw Xu Cheng jumping off the pickup truck with a bag over his shoulder, he smiled. He immediately invited the two into his private jet.

“I kept my words This is the package you wanted, you can double check.”

Xu Cheng placed the bag on the table and said. 

“No need. Just for the fact that you can get here alive, this is the money order of 1.5 billion euros in the underground bank. Just go to Las Vegas, and they will find a way to give you the money,” Haber said. 

Xu Cheng accepted the money order and grinned. “Nice working with you.”

“Nice working with you too, come to the Middle East when you get a chance. I’m honored to meet a friend like you.”

“We will see,” Xu Cheng said, and he left Haber’s private jet with Bei Shan. After giving Lin Lei a call, a car came to pick them up to drive to Lin Lei’s private jet, which had been waiting for a while now.

The three of them immediately took off and headed to Las Vegas.

“What did the Third Prince say about that crown? Did he notice that something was fishy?” Inside the cabin, Xu Cheng asked Lin Lei.

Lin Lei laughed and replied, “This guy always saw himself as my brother-in-law, so when I gave him that crown, he thought I was finally accepting him and was gifting that to help him advance his political career. As long as he gives this to the queen on the night of the banquet, I think the face of that Terry guy from the media company would be extremely interesting to watch.”
Xu Cheng laughed. “Yeah, that will be really awkward.”

Since Mexico was just the neighboring country, the flight to Las Vegas was quite quick. They arrived right when the sun came up.

A limo was already there to pick them up at the private airport, and they went directly to the biggest casino in town, into the VIP reception room to meet with the person in charge of exchanging the money.

The three of them were all invited into a room, and Xu Cheng took out the money order Haber gave him to the four manager-level staff that were sitting across from him. 

One of them directly stood up, shook Xu Cheng’s hand, and said, “Mr. Xu, if you choose to launder the money at our casino, the commission is 30%.”

Lin Lei directly blew his cap off. “Why don’t you go and rob a bank? Don’t think that I don’t know the rules in money laundering, the commission is at most 20%! 30% of 1.5 billion is 450 million, you won’t even get that much if you go and rob a bank!”

The managers of this casino immediately weren’t happy. “You can also continue to put the money in the underground bank. All in all, if you don’t pick our casino to launder your money, I can guarantee that no bank in Las Vegas has enough cash to help you guys launder! Remember, it’s 1.5 billion euros, not your country’s cheap currency.”

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  1. ERROR last sentence.


    Casino executives were unwilling immediately: “You can also keep your money on the black market, anyway, if country M does not choose our home, I can guarantee that the entire Las Vegas now has no funds to wash you! You know This is 1.5 billion euros, not your Chinese currency. “

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