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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 270.1

Chapter 270: Why Does This Scene Feel So Familiar (Part one)

Xu Cheng took Lin Lei and Bei Shan into a VIP room inside the casino and waited.

In the back, Beiye Zhangnan suddenly said to the manager of the casino, “You are not tempted by that 1.5 billion euros?”

The manager that was just about to head out paused for a moment. “What do you want to say?”

Beiye Zhangnan lit a cigar. “I know the casino has many means to make sure the gamblers lose money.”
The manager shook his head. “Listen, such things do exist but they are very rare. We are a legally operating casino, one of the biggest in the world. What you just said doesn’t exist in our establishment.”

Beiye Zhangnan said, “I didn’t say you should do that. I just thought, why would you deliberately lose 1.05 billion to him? Isn’t the casino interested in that money too?”

Manager: “450 million in commissions is already high enough for me, so following the proper money laundering process, the casino just needs to lose to him the 1.05 billion he needs.”

Beiye Zhangnan: “What about you, are you interested in that money? Bro, listen to me. You don’t have to let the dealer deliberately lose all that much money to him. As for the money we win from him, how about we split it?”
The manager narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean by this? Mr. Beiye, you should know that this is a forbidden topic. If word gets out, I will probably meet the end of my career in this field.”

Beiye waved his hand. “I know, I know, don’t get nervous, just listen to me. You can follow the normal protocol, but just let me use one of your gambling masters. On top of that, I also want you to save me a seat at his table.”

The manager immediately got what he meant. “You want to snipe him?”

Beiye Zhangnan: “That’s right. I can’t offend Mr. Haber, so I definitely wouldn’t pay one cent less for the money I’m supposed to launder for him. However, I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t let other people snipe him through gambling. So, I will just let the money leave from one pocket and come back through another.”

Then, Beiye directly walked to the casino manager and said in a low voice, “You just need to arrange it for me, and you will get 20 million right away.”

The manager seemed to be struggling. After awhile, he gritted his teeth and replied, “I don’t want 20 million, I want 20%… 20% of the money you are able to win from him!”

Beiye lifted the corner of his mouth. “Fine, then please send me the best gambling master in the house. As for money, I have it, I don’t need your casino to lend any to me.”

The manager nodded.

Inside the casino VIP room, Xu Cheng and the other two waited. Lin Lei asked, “Brother-in-Law, since you have unsettled grudges with that guy, do you think he will give you the money very easily?” 

“I don’t know,” Xu Cheng replied, “But I also couldn’t care less.”

Bei Shan mumbled, “How come you make enemies no matter where you go?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed. “This might be the fate of the protagonist.”

The waiter standing beside him couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Xu Cheng also was quite speechless after seeing that. Why couldn’t he just let me boast for a moment.

Just then, it was getting a bit noisy outside, sounding like someone wanted to come in. Outside the door, the security stopped someone and said, “Mr. Stephen, this room is closed for a private event today, and the starting bid is pretty high, so it might not be suitable for you.”

“Oh? Oh big? It’s not suitable for me? Too bad, I insist on going in to play, and I will beat you up if you still stand in my way,” Mr. Stephen shouted at the security guard.

The security guard was in a difficult spot. “Mr. Stephen, feel free to check out the other rooms. This one is indeed reserved by a gentleman, and he wants to play by himself.”

“Who’s this generous?” Stephen poked his head in and glanced at Xu Cheng. “Hey, is it really fun to play by yourself? Is it even exciting if you just play the dealer by yourself? If you are going to play, why not have someone accompany you? How big are you playing?”

Xu Cheng turned to look at him and faintly smiled. “Just a couple billion.”

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  1. Last sentence MTLD:

    Xu Cheng turned to look at him and smiled slightly: “Several hundred million.”

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