Chapter 271: Are You Humiliating Me? (Part one)

Lin Lei took a stack of chips, totaling 100 million, and placed it on the table.

Right now, there was a difficult question for Stephen, and that was the fact that the dealer was for sure on Xu Cheng’s side. After all, Xu Cheng was their client for money laundering. Whether the dealer has the bigger or smaller hand, he would fold for sure to deliberately lose to Xu Cheng. If Stephen didn’t join, then Xu Cheng just needed to play around for fun and wait until the clean money reached the casino’s account, and then he would be able to just leave after the casino transferred it to his account and pretend that he won that much money. Stephen would obviously try to stir up some sh-t in the middle. If he could win the money Xu Cheng was about to take away from the casino, then the casino was not responsible to compensate for whatever amount he lost. So, that was why for most times, the money-laundering clients would do their business in the VIP room and not let other people join their table. Of course, if someone didn’t know you were laundering money and came in by accident, it would also be hard to refuse. After all, they shouldn’t give off the vibe that they were laundering money or the casino would be investigated. 

But right now, even if no one was coming to Xu Cheng’s table, he would want to keep it going even if it was just against the dealer, because that 1.05 billion euro was definitely not enough for the 3 billion hole he was trying to fill for his in-law’s company. So, no matter who comes, Xu Cheng would welcome them with open arms. As long as they had money, just come on in! In Xu Cheng’s eyes, these were literally people coming here to deliver him free money.

Just then, another gambling pro came in. He also poked his head in and saw people playing. When he saw how big they were playing, he laughed and said, “I finally found a big gambling room.”

Then, he walked in with a cigar.

Xu Cheng just looked at how good their acting were. They were at least a lot better than Shen Yao.

The manager asked Beiye, “Why find two pros?”

“After learning about what this guy was capable of doing in Shangcheng, I want to be especially cautious with him. The underground money house’s Shangcheng branch lost over two billion dollars, and it was all because of him. So, we must have our guards up. Just now, didn’t he already suspect that Stephen was a pro at cards? So, it’s safer with two pros. But, are you sure that the two pros you gave me are skilled enough?”

The manager nodded. “Don’t worry, those two are the best in house, both top tier when it comes to playing cards, dealing cards, making judgements, playing psychological tactics, and so on. Not just this Mr. Xu, even if they are against a famous professional master in the field, it would still be tough for that master to gain an upper hand.”

Beiye: “How about their cheating skills?”

The manager frowned. “Mr. Beiye, if our pros here are caught cheating, their reputations would be destroyed! There are so many casinos competing with each other in Las Vegas, getting exposed for rigging games would destroy our business.”
Cheating was the most despised thing to do in the gambling world, and the more skilled one was, the more one despised people that cheat. When gambling, it is inevitable for people to eventually run into cheaters, and when that happened, a true pro could still beat the cheater or see through the tricks.

And in places like Las Vegas where the gambling industry were becoming more and more regulated, people hated cheaters more and more. If not caught, the cheaters could make quite a lot of money, but once they found out, they would likely end up being an abandoned corpse.

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