Chapter 271: Are You Humiliating Me? (Part two)

Just then, another person walked in calmly. Although his hands were softly clenched into a fist, Xu Cheng could still see the calluses on his hands with his penetrating vision.

“Another one?” Xu Cheng mumbled to himself.

Bei Shan was curious. “What did you say?’

“Nothing.” Xu Cheng smiled and said indifferently, “Someone’s shutting the doors and letting the dogs out.”

Bei Shan didn’t get what he was saying, and he was only interested in the money. “You still owe me 10 thousand, remember-”

Before he could finish, Xu Cheng already put 20 thousand worth of chips into his hand and said, “Seeing how you were a great driver for me last night, I will give you 20 thousand in total.”

Bei Shan: “Why does it feel like you are humiliating me?”

Xu Cheng tossed another 50 thousand to him and said, “Is this humiliation enough?”

Bei Shan: “Not enough, please humiliate me more.”

Xu Cheng: “You little d-uchbag…”

At this time, Lin Lei looked at the newcomer’s face and asked, a bit confused, “I think I’ve seen you before.”

That guy’s face changed slightly. If it was a frequent patron to this casino, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to recognize him, so the guy was worried that Lin Lei recognized him to be one of the in-house pros.

“You do look unfamiliar, could you have mistaken me for someone else? My name is Jack.”

Lin Lei was still trying to recall his memories.

Xu Cheng laughed, not wanting Lin Lei to expose that guy, and he immediately said, “You must’ve took him for someone else. Come on, let’s play together.” 

Stephen and Jack exchanged a look, and a tacit understanding came to life.

Xu Cheng obviously saw the look they exchanged, and he just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Jack sat down and asked, “What are you guys playing?”

Xu Cheng shrugged. “Whichever. What do you think is fun?”
Jack: “I don’t really care too.”

This sounded very casual, and only those that were confident in their abilities would habitually say this. Jack didn’t realize what he said already exposed something, but Xu Cheng already caught on and confirmed that he was a gambling pro.

“If that’s the case, let’s play Fight the Landlord then,” Xu Cheng teased. 

Stephen and Jack were both a bit dumbfounded. “What? Fight the Landlord? What kind of game is that?”

Xu Cheng grinned. “It’s just a game we play back at my home country.”

The two awkwardly replied, “I think we will pass on that then.”

Xu Cheng: “Then let’s play Fried Golden Flower?’

Those two were shocked again. “Fried what? What are you talking about?”

Xu Cheng: “Then Ten Thirty?” 

Jack and Stephen really wanted to slap Xu Cheng. 

Seeing how lost they were, Xu Cheng sighed, “Looks like there isn’t much to play in Las Vegas, I had my hopes up.”

Now, it was the dealer that wanted to slap Xu Cheng.

“Alright alright, I will stop teasing you guys, let’s just play Texas Hold’em. But, I’m in a bit of a rush, so the minimum prize pool is 20 million per person, and each raise has to be no less than 50 million, top is not capped. If you guys want to play then stay, if not then you can leave,” Xu Cheng withdrew his smile and said with a serious face.

Stephen and Jack exchanged a look, and they also sneaked a look at a guard that came in with them. They didn’t have mics on them and they still needed to ask for Beiye’s permission, since this game would be a bit risky.

On the other end, Beiye said to the mic, “Sure, let them play.”

The guard got the message and subtly nodded to those two guys.

Jack and Stephen both shrugged. “Sure, let’s play then.”

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