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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 272.1

Chapter 272: Gottem (Part one)

When the dealer began dealing cards, Lin Lei suddenly remembered. He whispered into Xu Cheng’s ears, “Brother-in-Law, I remember now! This guy’s name isn’t Jack, and he’s one of the top in-house gambling masters of this casino!”

They were speaking in their country’s language so the others didn’t know what they were saying. Xu Cheng looked at his two cards and said, “I know.”

“Why are you still playing with him if you know? He’s a pro!” Lin Lei was speechless.

“These guys aren’t gods. Besides, they can’t cheat, so there’s nothing to be scared of.”

Lin Lei didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Bro, I’m scared that you are too sh-t!”

Xu Cheng laughed. “I got you to come with me to be responsible for transferring the funds to the company, you don’t have to do anything else.”

Lin Lei gritted his teeth and said, “Brother-in-Law, if you can really get 3 billion, then even if my sis breaks up with you down the road, I will disown her and be your little brother.”

Xu Cheng: “Those words truly touched my heart.”

Bei Shan slapped Xu Cheng on the head. “Focus on the game.”

The dealer flipped over the first card of everyone’s hand. 

Xu Cheng then looked at his two cards, and he pretended to be indifferent. Those two pros felt that the acting was too obvious and full of holes, thinking it was just a piece of cake to deal with him. At first, they thought the management wanted them to defeat some grandmaster or something and that was why both of them had been requested to participate, but now, an Asian? 

Xu Cheng looked at his cards, the Ace of Spades and the 2 of Diamonds.

And when he saw that 2 of Diamonds, he was really quite speechless.

Then, taking a look at the other two, he saw that Stephen had a J of Hearts and 6 of Diamonds; Jack’s hand was pretty good, a pair of 5s!

After the dealer gave out each player’s first face-up card. Xu Cheng got the 2 of Hearts, Stephen got the J of Spades, and Jack got the 6 of Hearts.

The dealer gave Stephen a look. “J of Spades, speak.”

Stephen’s cards were a pair of Js and a 6, and he felt it was a pretty good hand.

“50 million.”

It was then Jack’s turn. He had a pair of 5s, and there was no reason he would fold right now. So, he pushed in 50 million worth of chips and said, “I call.”

Xu Cheng was still thinking as he watched the dealer’s deck and did a forecast.

For the next couple of turns, Xu Cheng would be getting the 7 of Hearts and A of Clubs, so his entire hand would be a pair of aces, a pair of 2s, and an out-of-place 7.

Stephen would be getting the J of Diamonds and 3 of Hearts, so his whole hand would be triple Js and two out-of-place cards, which was pretty good.

But what was more interesting was Jack’s hand. He would be getting a 7 and 8, and his entire hand would be 5, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Xu Cheng bet Jack would use this hand to bluff. If Jack’s three face-up cards were 6, 7, and 8, the chance of a straight was great. Xu Cheng very much wanted to know whether Stephen would fall for the bluff and fold.

Since Stephen’s hand would actually beat Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng really wanted to see if they could get to that situation. 

He grinned. “I call as well.”

The dealer dealt the second face-up card for everyone.

Just as Xu Cheng predicted, he got a 7 (A227), Stephen got a J (JJJ6), and Jack got a 7 (5567). 

The dealer looked at Stephen and said, “J, speak up.”

Seeing how Stephen was laughing like a b-tthole, it was clear that he was very excited. He pushed in another pile of chips. “Raise, 50 million!”

If he could get another J, then he could really f-ck gods.

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  1. Geraldrold

    I don’t know what they are playing but its definitely not texas hold’em

    • noodletowntranslated

      loool yeah, in the beginning it sounded alright and then as i translated, i was like, “wait a minute dafuq is this sht”

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