Chapter 273: Not Even the Old Man’s Better than You at Showing Off (Part one)

Seeing the opposition putting in another 200 million, Xu Cheng paused for a moment.

Jack smiled. “You scared? With a hand as good as mine, I would be dumb to not try to make more money with this round.”

Xu Cheng: “No, I’m just a bit shocked. How can you be this confident?”

Jack: “Of course.”

Lin Lei nudged Xu Cheng on the side. “Brother-in-Law, let’s just fold this round. We can try again.”

On the other side, Bei Shan also coughed and said, “Or you will just end up losing more.”

Seeing them getting anxious, Jack’s smile became even bigger.

“Don’t be like this, you should respect the player. Mr. Xu, do you want to call or not?”

Stephen flipped over the hand he folded and said, “Look at my hand, three Jacks. Is your hand even bigger than this?”

Lin Lei also got nervous, because he did see a bit of Xu Cheng’s hand. He nudged him again. “Brother-in-Law, you really want to lose all the money in one round? Patience can get you a long way…”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed. “I also want to f-cking be patient too, but I’m afraid that the Third Prince just won’t wait up for me and try to do my woman.”

Then, he counted 200 million worth of chips and said. “I follow.”
Jack frowned.

“Alright, you want to lose all your chips in one round? Just wait for me, I will go and get more chips.” Then, Jack gestured at his bodyguard, and his bodyguard went out to get more chips. In fact, when he got out, he spoke into the mic to talk to Mr. Beiye. “Mr. Beiye, what should we do? Mr. Jack’s out of chips.”

Beiye sipped on his cigar. “Does he really have a straight?”

The bodyguard paused, and he was a bit hesitant.

Beiye frowned. “He’s bluffing?”

The bodyguard nodded. “But not quite, he has at least a pair of 5s.”

Beiye almost fell off his chair, and he almost threw the champagne glass in his hand. He looked at the casino manager and demanded, “This is the pro you are talking about? You sure you are not trolling me? That Stephen had three Js yet he folded, and now we only have Jack and his pair of 5s to fight Xu Cheng? What were they thinking?!”
The manager waved his hand. “You know as well, gambling is also playing a psychological war. He’s holding a pair of 5s but he’s acting like he has a straight, and it even fooled Stephen, so it’s obviously easier to fool a rookie like Xu Cheng. After all, Jack and Stephen didn’t have any equipment on them to communicate with, so they could only rely on their own skills and tacit understanding. 

The analyst standing in the room voiced his thought, “In my opinion, it’s actually not hard to beat Xu Cheng with a pair of 5s. Maybe, Xu Cheng was betting that Jack doesn’t have a pair nor straight, and then his Ace could win. Even if Xu Cheng had a pair, it would either be a pair of Aces, a pair of 2s, or a pair of 7s. The probability of a pair of 7s is the lowest since Jack already has a 7. So besides the possibility of a pair of 7s, we only need to bet if he has a pair of Aces, or a pair of 2s. All in all, the chance of us beating him is 65%!”

At this moment, another analyst frowned and said, “Did you guys forget something?”

Jack looked at him.

The analyst said, “If his hand was really that bad, then why didn’t he fold at the beginning? Why did he not fold after seeing Stephen’s pair of Js? That means, he should have at least a pair of Aces. He probably raised because he had the confidence to beat Stephen. Pay attention to this detail. If his biggest hand was really an A, he wouldn’t take such a big risk.”

He was right, and the others all nodded. 

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