Chapter 274: Money is Just a B-tch (Part one)

In fact, when Stephen was about to fold, Jack wanted to signal him not to, but who knew he would be this decisive when he folded. He could only blame his good psychological tactics and facial expression. He was so good at acting that he actually tricked his partner to fold first, and now he could only pretend to be cool and not care as he waited for the next round to start.

Just when Lin Lei was pleasantly packing up all the chips, another master came in, greeted them a bit, and then sat down.

At that moment, Jack’s bodyguard pretended to take a call and then said to Jack, “Sir, Madam wants you to meet him at the entrance.”

Jack knew he was getting swapped out. He gritted his teeth and was feeling a bit unwilling.

Xu Cheng didn’t forget to ridicule him a bit. “It’s probably because she saw you taking 400 million out of the family bank account. She might make you kneel on the washboard when you get back home.”

Lin Lei: “Brother-in-Law, I already told you before, in Western culture, they don’t use washboards to wash clothes.”

Xu Cheng pretended to put on a serious face and joked, “Oh, right, I forgot. It should be kneeling on cacti.”

Jack wanted to puke blood but he could only get out of the VIP room. Then, he angrily walked into the back room and asked the manager, “Why? You guys should’ve trusted me.”

Before the manager could reply, Beiye directly yelled at him, “Trust you my f-cking azz!”

Jack suddenly choked on the words he wanted to say. He then replied, “Mr. Beiye, give me another chance. I can win back what I just lost plus more if you give me a chance! For real!”

Beiye: “Win my azz! I think you should really go and pursue your career in Hollywood. Really. Not recruiting you as an actor is a big loss for them! Now get the f-ck out of there.”

Jack still wanted to say a few words but the guards already dragged him out.

Seeing Jack taken away, he felt somewhat reassured. Then, upon seeing another pro come in, he greeted, “Yoho, look! It’s our big rich landlord Peel here.”

That pro knew Stephen was just putting on an act and he laughed and played along, “Stephen, last time you won a couple hundred million from me, and the staff here told me you were in this room when I came. Watch how I win all your money today.”

Stephen: “Haha, come on then. I will wait for you.”

Lin Lei looked at Peel, a bit confused. “You seem really familiar, like a guy I saw that was performing card tricks.”

Peel acted very shocked. “There’s actually someone that looks like me? Wow, that’s really surprising. But now, with plastic surgery technology becoming more and more developed, it’s actually not too surprising. Wait, no, I should meet this guy. Maybe he’s trying to look like me to impersonate me and do some scams. This world is really becoming more and more chaotic.”

Xu Cheng was really speechless as he thought, Come on, you two, aren’t you tired from trying so hard with acting?

As he thought, he looked at Peel and pointed at the door, “That guy that just walked out, do you know him too? That dumb-ss only had a pair of 5s and was trying to bluff. Actually, his acting was pretty good, tsk tsk, he even tricked this Mr. Stephen. Mr. Stephen actually got scared into folding when he had triple Js. I guess that Jack guy was a pro after all.”

On the side, Stephen’s heart was dripping blood as he roared in his heart, Stop talking about it!

Peel gave an odd smile at Stephen, and he played along with Xu Cheng and laughed, saying, “Yeah, that does sound pretty dumb, hahaha.”

Stephen glared at him.

Xu Cheng saw that he p-ssed them off enough, so he said, “Alright, let’s continue.”

Stephen said to the bodyguard, “Go and get me 500 million in chips.”

Xu Cheng: “500 million might not be enough though.”

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