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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 276.1

Chapter 276: Keep Him Here! (Part one)

In the back room, Beiye and the analysts were a bit hesitant as well. 

Beiye: “You think he really has a pair of Aces or is he deliberately trying to scare them?”

The analyst shook his head. “I think the chances of him bluffing are really big. But after all, it’s a few hundred million at stake, a person has to be really experienced or have big balls to try to bluff without a good hand, or he just doesn’t know how to play. Mr. Beiye, do you know much about this Mr. Xu?”

Beiye nodded. “A bit. This guy’s brain is particularly good, and he is indeed a courageous fellow that likes to take risks! His psychological qualities are also top tier.”

The analyst felt a bit troubled too. “In fact, the odds are in our favor that he’s just bluffing. However, from how he raised exactly 500 million, it’s also very possible that he’s trying to win everything from Stephen. After all, if he wanted to pressure Stephen and scare him into folding, he might pick a number higher than what Stephen currently has at hand. Although the chances of him getting the last Ace is only 2%, sometimes, when luck comes knocking, no one can stop it.”

Beiye nodded.

That was indeed true.

Now, all eyes were on whether the last face-down card from Xu Cheng was an Ace or not.

The chances of that were 2%, and if it was not the last Ace, Beiye would be able to win back everything he lost last round.

Sometimes, people would really do really crazy things for a dream. After he made the decision, lights of greed shot out from his eyes as he gritted his teeth and said, “Do it!”

Stephen looked towards the bodyguard, and the guard slightly nodded his head, giving him the greenlight to continue.

Stephen laughed and said, “Alright, if you want to play, then I will accompany you to the end.”

“500 million right? I raise as well!”

Peel didn’t know that Stephen already had one of the four Aces in his face-down cards. So, he somewhat unsurely commented, “The chances of him getting a pair of aces is pretty good, Mr. Stephen sure is confident.”

“I’m not scared even if he has a pair of Aces!” Stephen laughed and said.

Beiye and Lin Lei were a bit shocked. Not even afraid of a pair of Aces?

Then the only possibility was that he had a triplet.

Seeing how Stephen already had a King, it was possible that he had triple Kings!

Xu Cheng really wanted to mock Stephen, You dumbazz, you think I don’t know you are just bluffing? I saw your hand before the cards even got to you.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s play some heartbeat. I also bet that you don’t have a triplet. I will just be open about it, I have a pair of Aces, and if you have a triplet, then just follow!”

Xu Cheng said and he threw in 500 million again!

If Stephen were to throw in another 500 million, then Xu Cheng would basically be set. Plus the amount he started with, he would have 3.8 billion dollars, which goes to about 3.6 euros. That would be enough to fill in the gap for the company. Of course, if Stephen and the others wanted to give him more money, he would be okay with that too. How can a company complain about having too much free cash? 

Stephen was a bit stunned.

Could it be that he really had a pair of Ace?

In the back room, the analyst said with certainty, “He’s bluffing!”

Beiye asked, “Why is that?”

The analyst said, “If he really has a pair of aces, then following a normal person’s thinking pattern, he would obviously want his opponent to put in more money so he could win more. But, he first raised from 200 million to 500 million to scare Stephen, and now he even brazenly claims that he has a pair of Aces, and that’s enough to confirm that he’s feeling a bit scared of being called out for bluffing. Mr. Beiye, if you really have a pair of Aces, would you tell your opponent to stop putting in more money?”

Beiye nodded. “That’s indeed true. No one’s not greedy, they all want to win more money.”

Analyst: “Then?”

Beiye said firmly, “Continue!”

Stephne’s bodyguard came in with a billion, and Stephen knew it was the management’s decision to tell him to keep going.

So, he laughed and said, “500 million.”

Xu Cheng was a bit shocked. “You are still not revealing?”

Stephen shrugged. “You still have 700 million, why would I reveal? I know you would put down 500 million to force the game to end though, because you are running out of money.”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “I’m indeed out of money, and since that’s the case, 500 million, let’s flip over out cards.”

Stephen directly smacked his two face-down cards onto the desk and shouted, ‘The third Ace was with me! I just don’t believe you were lucky enough to get the last Ace! You think you can beat me in a psychological war? Let me tell you, Rookie, don’t humiliate yourself with those skills of yours in Las Vegas! Now, show me your hand, let me see what hand you really have! Is it a pair of 3s? Or a pair of 2s? Or is it a pair of 8s?”

Xu Cheng sighed. “You are acting too excited, I don’t even have the heart to reveal my hand now.”

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    D*mn, I didn’t know that € were so valuable that 3.8 billion $ is the same as 3.6 €.

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