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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 277.1

Chapter 277: Hurry Up, Count the Chips and Transfer (Part one)

Xu Cheng walked towards the washroom as he took out a silicone skin mask from his coat and began pasting it on his face. After entering the bathroom, he tossed his jacket into a stall and went to the mirror to check how well the mask looked on him.

“Umm, still very handsome.”

At that moment, two of Beiye’s bodyguards came in. They didn’t recognize Xu Cheng, who was wearing different clothes and had a different face, so they began to check stall by stall. Xu Cheng just looked at them through the mirror as they kicked open door after door, trying to search for him. When they opened the last one, they saw the jacket and realized that Xu Cheng had already escaped. But right before they turned around, Xu Cheng’s hand had already struck the back of their heads. Then, he dragged them into the stall, took their pistols and closed the door.

Then, as Xu Cheng left the washroom, he walked past two more bodyguards that were coming over.

Those two didn’t find Xu Cheng in the washroom, but they did see their two comrades unconscious in a bathroom stall. They immediately turned around to chase after the new Xu Cheng, who was the last one to walk out of that washroom.

Xu Cheng walked across the giant casino lobby, and at that moment, he suddenly pulled out a stack of hundred-dollar bills and scattered it up into the air. 

“Free money!” he shouted, and everyone around immediately went crazy over the green bills that were falling from the sky.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Xu Cheng casually blended into the crowd. The two guards were completely blocked off by the crowd that were trying to catch the money and lost Xu Cheng’s position.

Beiye was furious as he went to the basement in an elevator with the escort of two bodyguards.

“Lock down the casino, and tell those guys, if they can’t catch the guy, they don’t have to come back anymore. Such a bunch of garbage letting someone slip away right under their nose!” Beiye pulled on his tie’s knot as he cursed, “Now f-ck off. I will give you all a day. I want to see either the guy or his corpse.”

“Yes, Sir!” The leader of his bodyguards bowed and left.

On the driver’s seat, a young man said, “Want me to go?”

Beiye shook his head. “That will be overkill. Let’s go. We will go and explain to the director about the money we lost. I guess only we would get bitten by a snake twice, we underestimated him too much.”

The young man started the engine, and the Maybach slowly drove out of the parking lot, but at the entrance, a man blocked off their way.

Beiye looked, and it turned out to be Xu Cheng!

In fact, Xu Cheng didn’t leave this place. He was just waiting for Beiye to leave. Often times, it was no use killing the countless assassins and guards that were sent to kill you. One must eradicate the root of the problem and take care of the guy that was giving orders.

This was a habit of Xu Cheng’s to go straight for the commander. 

“Run him over!” Beiye directly said to the young man driving. 

The latter nodded and slammed on the gas pedal.

When the car charged right at Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng didn’t leave but rather placed his two hands on the head of the car. The two collided, and Xu Cheng was pushed back his shoes sliding against the ground.

He gritted his teeth and suddenly applied more force onto his two hands.

With a gaaa~ sound, the engine sound went from tututututu to pengpengpengpeng and gradually died out, as the engine finally stopped running. Xu Cheng forced the car to a stop as the Maybach began smoking from the front.

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  1. Missing details and sentence.


    Xu Cheng gritted his teeth, suddenly increasing the strength of his hands.

    With a creak, he pressed the engine cover of the front body directly and recessed it. When Xu Cheng hit the wall against Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng, who was wearing Charles’s fist, smashed into the engine.

    After a squeaking sound, the engine suddenly turned into a sound of ‘噗噗 噗 ……’, and finally stopped running. Xu Cheng forcibly rubbed the floor with his leather shoes and the strength of his feet to slow down the inertia. Finally, Maybach stopped completely. Come down and smoke white.

  2. deemon900

    With all the sh*t the mc is doing it wouldn’t be a surprise if everyone in the world knew how crazy strong he is, since he isn’t really trying to hide it.

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