Chapter 278: I Believe He Will Come (Part one)

When Xu Cheng came back, the casino directly got all the staff at the station to count the chips, and that manager also came over to help out himself. When he saw Xu Cheng come in, Xu Cheng had already taken off his mask. But, his body still shivered, as the image of that ninja getting thrown against the wall and Mr. Beiye getting shot in the head popped back into his head. He unconsciously revealed a flattering smile to Xu Cheng. 

“Brother-in-Law, where did you go?” Lin Lei asked Xu Cheng as he saw him walking in.

“Just went to the washroom. Are the chips counted?” Xu Cheng asked.

Lin Lei nodded, and he couldn’t be more excited. “3.8 billion!”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “There might also be some kind of taxes.”

Then, he said to that manager of the casino, “Just deduct all applicable taxes, and then transfer the money to this man’s account.”

The manager immediately nodded. “Right away.”

Lin Lei held his fist. “Now, the family company is saved!”

– Great Britain – 

Lin Chuxue was in a blue tube top dress, standing in front of the mirror. Her blue eyes looked at herself in that beautiful dress, yet she just couldn’t feel happy. 

An auntie of the family sorted out the dress for her and praised, “You really look like a princess from Disney! You should be loved by thousands of people, and it may be fate, marrying into the royal family might be your destiny. It’s okay, Nicole, who doesn’t have a rebellious past? The Third Prince will forgive your willfulness in the past. Now, you just have to return to being the original dignified and elegant rose of Britain.”

Lin Chuxue bitterly smiled into the mirror. “Auntie, do you know why I’m willing to travel all the way to Huaxia and marry Xu Cheng?”

Her auntie didn’t talk. In fact, she didn’t really want to hear it nor did she care. Right now, the whole family was relying on her to save the company, and they would be happy as long as there were no accidents. 

But Lin Chuxue still continued, “Because I would become the victim of a political marriage, so I chose to go with Xu Cheng. Because here, even if I’m adored by thousands as a member of the royal family, it’s still not as precious as freedom. That kind of life isn’t something I want.”

The auntie frowned. “But that poor brat that doesn’t have power nor wealth, what can he give you? If you were born in the last century, your beautiful looks would definitely cause a war between men. Would Xu Cheng be able to protect you? Don’t dream anymore, Nicole, you would only be his burden. Your parents wanted you to marry Xu Cheng back then and we couldn’t talk them out of it. But now, if the company collapses, our little family will become even worse than beggars on the streets with all the debt. Now, it’s not up to your parents anymore.”

Lin Chuxue was a bit angry. “I really hope one day Xu Cheng can slap all of your faces.”

The auntie sneered. “It was fine before you mentioned that brat, but now I have to talk about him. The guy lived under your roof since he was young, and the Lin Family bought him food and clothes, yet he just left after he grew up, not to mention he also abducted the most precious woman in the Lin Family. What do people call that? An ungrateful snake! Slap our faces? I really hope there’s a day for that. But Nicole, your feelings for him is just the sense of dependence from childhood, from growing up together, you understand? That’s not love! If he’s really thankful for everything the Lin Family had done for him, then he wouldn’t marry you and put the whole Lin Family in this difficult situation.”
“Isn’t the reason Xu Cheng was despised by those nobles because of your big mouth?” At this time, Mommy Lin stood by the door and criticized, “Nicole’s my daughter, why don’t you marry your daughter into royalty?”

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