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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 279.1

Chapter 279: Banquet (Part one)

– The Platinum Palace – 

It was the Queen’s birthday banquet, and it would definitely be a very lively night. In addition to the political leaders of the country that came to celebrate, the powerful and rich families in the continent were also invited. 

The parking lot was packed full with luxury cars.

In the evening, the Platinum Palace was already covered in magnificent golden lights.

Each car that drove in would undergo routine inspections by the soldiers before being let in, where the valet would then take their car and a server would lead them into the luxurious and spacious main hall.

Lin Chuxue sat in the family limo, expressionless. Her quiet face was cold yet glamorous, and only her mother knew that whenever she became nervous, she would rest her hands on her knees, tightly grabbing onto her dress when she was sitting down.

When she placed her arm around her mom’s and got out of the car, she had her head lowered. When those gentle and slender eyelashes slightly lifted, those blue eyes as tender as water seemed to have softened the hearts of every man in sight.

They were stunned by her beauty. 

When she was just 15, she was accidentally photographed by the media, and her beauty immediately went viral on all media and she received the title of the Rose of Britain. As time passed, she only got prettier, and as someone who didn’t like to appear in public, her photos sneaked by paparazzi were even hyped to ridiculously high prices, being in hot demand by those young and rich admirers of hers. A painter did an oil painting of her, and it was even sold for over a million pounds, also making the painter famous. Lin Chuxue was one of the rare girls of the upper class that was conservative and rarely went to social parties, and that was the most ideal mate selection criteria for most aristocrats and young heirs of Britain. Upon hearing that she would also be attending the Queen’s birthday banquet tonight, many youngsters especially followed their parents over to attend as well. The banquet this year was a lot more lively since there were a lot more people, especially powerful and wealthy bachelors under 30.

When Lin Chuxue walked in with her mother behind her father on the red carpet, she immediately became the beautiful scenery in the eyes of those youngsters. Accompanied with the blue tube top dress and those pure blue eyes, she looked like an elf coming out of a medieval epic, so beautiful that people couldn’t look away from her, all wanting to take such a stunner home and treasure her forever.

The Third Prince, Will, was carrying a red wine glass and chatting with his friends. After hearing the crowd exclaiming at something, he looked towards the entrance and saw Lin Chuxue walking in with her parents. Instantly, she became the focus of everyone inside the palace.

Will’s eyes were basically glowing, and he became more and more determined to get Lin Chuxue.

“Looks like you have quite a lot of competition.” His friend said, “Tsk tsk, Will, if it weren’t us not being lucky enough to have a good background, who wouldn’t want to have this kind of treasure?”

His other friend sneered, “Even for Will, there is still a lot of competition. Those young rich heirs’ family assets are probably in the tens of billions of pounds, and god knows what kind of means they will use to get her.”

Will sneered. “If I can be the crown prince, would those people still dare to compete with me?”

The crown prince would be the successor of the King for this country.

When the actual crown prince saw Lin Chuxue walking in, his eyes also flashed with a hint a greed, but he sighed, “Such a pity, I wasn’t born at the right time.”

He was indeed a lot older than the Third Prince, almost reaching 40 this year, so it would obviously be a bit inappropriate for them to be together.

Beside him, a good friend of his laughed and said, “Don’t let your wife hear this, or she’s probably going to start a big fight with you. But this Nicole is indeed a beauty of the century, and it’s no wonder that so many heirs of the largest companies in the country want to marry her. Well, you still have your chance. Once you become the King, you can still have her.”
The crown prince mocked himself and sneered, “It would be too late. This royal family, if the older generation doesn’t pass, the younger generation won’t be able to take over the throne. It’s not like you don’t know that. Look at that Will, even though he doesn’t really have power, he has freedom, and as brothers, we have to clean up his mess. We take the Royal Family’s reputation very seriously, so we definitely won’t let any scandals leak that would damage our reputation. As for power, it’s just a joke. If that old thing lives to 80 years old, I would be f-cking 50 by then. And by then, Nicole would most likely be married and even have kids, and I also wouldn’t be able to divorce the one at home because it’s forbidden! Speaking of being the crown prince, Will’s life is actually a lot better. If I can trade places with Will right now, I would not hesitate.”

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  1. A part that might have been censored by qidian.


    Lin Chuxue, from the thirteen-year-old, was photographed by the media to her glamorous private photos, and was subsequently hailed as the future British rose title on major media and social networks. As she grew older, she looked like she did not have With a long disability, she became more and more popular in China. Her private photos in paparazzi were copied at a high price, and all of them were bought by famous boys. The famous British painter Datong painted an oil painting for her and was fired. Million pounds are famous all at once, Lin Chuxue rarely participates in those celebrity parties to clean himself. It is the most ideal mate selection standard for most European noble young talents. Tonight you heard that Lin Chuxue will attend the queen’s banquet. Many young talents follow their parents Come here specially to participate. This year’s banquet is even more lively than ever. There are especially many people, especially single nobles under 30 years old.

    (13 not 15.)

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