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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 279.2

Chapter 279: Banquet (Part two)

A big influential family’s head came over with his eldest son to greet Lin Guiren. “Long time no see, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Guiren shook his hand. “Yeah, long time no see.”

“I heard the Lin Corporation is in some kind of a financial crisis? If you need help, just let me know. We should definitely hang out more, the two of our families, am I right?”

The eldest son standing behind him basically had his eyes glued onto Lin Chuxue, and Lin Chuxue just had a polite smile on with her arms around her mother’s arm and didn’t speak.

“I’m already working on a solution. Thanks but there’s no need to be concerned for us anymore, Mr. Jenkins.” Lin Guiren smiled.

“Oh really?” Jenkins smiled. “But I heard that your company needs at least a couple billion euros to come back to life. You guys do jewelry, and because of you, your company has a very big market in Asia. We also really want to expand into those countries that are developing especially quickly. In fact, as an oil company, we lack anything but money. How about this? Let us join forces?”
Lin Guiren laughed. “Since your family is sitting on rich oil reserves, why do you want to deploy into other industries?”

“You also know that right now with the advancement in technology, there are already electric cars. Who knows how much longer oil can keep its high price tag for. On the other hand, we are really optimistic about the jewelry industry,” Jenkins smiled and said.

“I can let you know if we need help down the road, but I think we will have to pass on that offer for now,” Lin Guiren said.

After briefly dealing with the oil family, Lin Guiren was greeted by another family, and it was the media company led by Terry. He smiled as he walked over and greeted, “Mr. Lin, you are not still angry about the media outlets under my company always exposing scandals on your family company’s jewellery quality, right?”

Lin Guiren put on a fake smile and shook hands with him. “Of course not. There was indeed quality issues on some of our products. You also know that the reason we are able to compete with all the luxury jewelry companies in the M Nation is because of our advantage of using jadeite as raw material. However, for the past few years, we indeed ended up purchasing some jadeite that weren’t as high quality as we expected. Our stock prices fell, and we can’t really blame anyone for it.”

“I know, Mr. Lin. You have already come so far, you definitely wouldn’t let your company collapse, right? If you need anything, just ask.” Terry laughed as he left with his son.

Terry’s eldest son was so lost in looking at Lin Chuxue that he even forgot to talk.

Seeing them walk away, Lin Chuxue then asked her dad, “It’s them that blew up the scandal at our company, right?”

“Yeah, he’s able to stand up tall against other families that are worth several times more than them, and it’s all because he controls the media of Britain. It’s very easy for him to stink up someone’s reputation, and in this kind of situation, he wouldn’t dare to do it unless he has a strong network in the government and Royal Family,” Lin Guiren said.

Mommy Lin sighed. “They also gave us an offer. Aside from the financial support, they will also open up a platform to promote our brand.”

Lin Chuxue’s cold face showed no emotion. “I would rather marry the third prince and let them fight with each other.”

Mommy Lin: “So Terry and his family would think of anything to prevent you from marrying the third prince. It’s already no secret that they planned out the whole scandal and exposed us. They were also scared that we would get big and out of their control.”

Just then, a graceful elder woman appeared on the spiral stairway.

“Your Majesty the Queen has arrived!”

All the guests in the hall gathered over.

The palace door also gradually closed. Seeing the doors slowly close, Lin Chuxue became a bit flustered.

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  1. Correctur of a Detail.


    The door of the banquet was gradually closed. Lin Chuxue looked at the door and was closed slowly, her eyes panicked.

    (panicked, not flustered.)

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