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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 280.1

Chapter 280: Xu Cheng, What Should I do? (Part one) 

The queen slowly walked down the stairs with a group of officials from the British Empire following her down.

When she walked over, some delegates of other countries in Europe came forward to greet them. 

With the company of many princes and princesses, the queen greeted the guests one after another. She was pretty old now, and she was still very friendly towards all.

She smiled and thanked all the distinguished guests, “I’m very grateful to everyone for coming to attend my 88th birthday. Every one of you all are familiar faces, let’s all relax and enjoy the evening.”

Then, with the help of someone by her arm, she went to the sofa and began chatting with some of the government officials.

There were plenty of booze and snacks tonight, and many people came with gifts. They all went to the sofa and greeted the queen before they handed up their gifts, and the old lady was very happy.

Will brought someone that carried a glass case covered by a white piece of cloth, and it made people wonder what was inside. He walked to the queen and also saluted, “Grandma, I prepared a gift for you!”

“Oh? Will’s gift had always been the best every year, what did you prepare this year for Grandma? Let Grandma see.”

Will smiled proudly. Just like what Crown Prince Ace said, Will was way too free, and without the stress of being the crown prince, he naturally didn’t have much to worry about when making friends and taking in bribes. So, every year, his gift would be super luxurious. 

He gestured, and the royal soldier lifted up the white cloth. Inside the glass case, a majestic crown covered in pearls and jewels was shining brightly there, and everyone at the scene exclaimed. 

”Isn’t this… a crown from the previous century? I remember seeing it in history books.”

“I think I’ve seen this crown before.”

“Yeah, I also think I’ve seen it before. I think it was at the last exhibition at France’s Fontainebleau Palace.”

“Right, right, isn’t this the crown of Napoleon III?”

Seeing everyone’s interest piqued, Will laughed. “The real crown was lost in the war, and awhile ago, this was stolen from the Fontainebleau Palace, and I looked around and spent a lot of time and effort before being able to get my hands on this. Although it’s just a replica, it still doesn’t affect its precious collection value. I know my grandma loves collecting crowns, so here it is, I’ve added this piece to your collection for your 88th birthday!”

The Queen of England grinned and was very happy. It seemed like she was particularly interested in this gift out of all that were gifted to her that night.

“Nice, nice, Will, you really put a lot of heart into this gift, and Grandma really likes it. Grandma will accept your gift. Tell Grandma a wish of yours, and Grandma will try my best to fulfill it.”

Right as she said that, the Lin Family’s faces changed.

A glimpse of joy appeared in Will’s eyes, as he felt he got exactly what he wanted.

Terry’s family’s faces also drastically changed, especially when they saw the crown in Will’s hands. Terry’s eldest son was also furious. “This thief, it’s indeed him that stole our stuff!”

Terry’s face also looked like he was just fed sh-t in his mouth.

Then, Will said to the queen, “Grandma, I’m also not young anymore, I want Grandma to be a witness for my proposal.”

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  1. Is it 88th or 89th birthday as Will said, TL?

    • noodletowntranslated

      oh crap sorry, changed it to 88 now~ the author used both lol

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