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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 281.1

Chapter 281: I’m Her Husband (Part one)

When Xu Cheng arrived at the Platinum Palace, the royal guards stopped him.

“I’m a member of Lin Guiren’s family, you can get my information and verify it in the system,” Xu Cheng said.

The guard nodded and asked for his passport number. Xu Cheng gave it, and the system indeed verified his uncle-nephew relationship with Lin Guiren.

The guard pointed at Xu Cheng and said, “You are not dressed appropriately, you can’t go in.”

Xu Cheng was getting impatient. “Today’s the Queen’s birthday, not a Congress meeting. She’s already so old, so she obviously hopes that everyone enjoys their time at her birthday party rather than be formal. Don’t you know the elder’s feelings?”

After hearing what Xu Cheng said, the two guards became a bit hesitant.

“It’s a private party, didn’t you see that there’s no media? That means she doesn’t want her party to be formal.”
“Fine, just go in then.“ The guard pursed his lips and let him in.

Xu Cheng directly ran towards the palace, and he realized that the big door to the palace was already closed.

The 4 guards at the door said, “The banquet has already started, those that are late can no longer attend.”

Xu Cheng: “I have to go in.”

The guards glanced at the thick iron gate of the Platinum Palace, laughed, and mocked, “It’s an electronic door, and you need a password to open. We don’t have it, so if you want to go in, you can only push it open yourself.”
Xu Cheng looked at the majestic door that was five meters tall, and then he used his penetrating vision to see what was going on inside.

– In the evening banquet hall – 

Lin Chuxue was standing there, seeming to be struggling with a decision. The third prince was on one knee, while the other admirers of Chuxue and the big Lin Family were holding their breaths, waiting for her answer.

The big hall was silent for a moment, and then chatting sounded one after another, while all eyes were on Lin Chuxue.

Someone was asking, “Didn’t she run away with someone?”

“Yeah, she disappeared for a few years. I heard she went to a different country, but I don’t know why she came back.”

“Probably because she went through enough hardship and felt it was better to just marry into the Royal Family. Women are all the same.”

“Yeah, probably. I also heard that her family’s going through some financial crisis, so this is probably an arranged marriage. And if that’s the case, then the Lin Family will probably rise again.”

Someone immediately sneered, “Rise my azz, it still depends on who they are arranging the marriage with. That Third Prince, with no power and no money, what’s the use of marrying him? He himself basically fools around all day and doesn’t do anything productive, the Lin Family would at most stink their own name by doing the arranged marriage with him.”

“I don’t think Nicole is that kind of girl. I think she most likely came back because of the family crisis. That’s how most wealthy families are, daughters are like life-saving straws, not to mention when more than half of the rich and powerful heirs wants to marry the Lin Family’s daughter.”

Lin Chuxue heard the discussions of people around her, and after a while, she looked at the Queen and slowly said, “Sorry, Your Majesty. I’m afraid I can’t!”

The ring box in Will’s hand suddenly fell out of his hand as he looked at Lin Chuxue in disbelief. His face darkened and he said to Lin Chuxue in a quiet voice, “Have you thought about what will happen to your family? You don’t want to save your family’s business anymore?”

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  1. ERROR your translation lost the weight of her sentence.


    in Chuxue listened to the sudden discussions of people around, and groaned for a long time. Looking at the queen on the stage, she gritted her teeth and said, “I’m sorry, Her Majesty, I don’t want to!”

    (She doesn’t want to. It’s the first time she actually shows any worth in my eyes. “I’m afraid I can’t!” Has no emotion no weight. While “I don’t want to” shows clearly her emotion and will.)

    • deemon900

      “I’m afraid I can’t” is a more polite way to say it, she’d probably be hanged or something if she were rude enought to say “I don’t want to”

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