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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 281.2

Chapter 281: I’m Her Husband (Part two)

Lin Chuxue took a deep breath. Then, she looked up with courage and said, “Yes, I’ve left Britain for 5 years, but I came back because I want to tell everyone that I’m actually married already. My husband’s very good to me, and he loves me a lot. So, Your Majesty, I can’t go against my heart and deceive you and marry Prince Will. I love my husband very much as well, and I think he’s a man as great as my father! I don’t regret marrying him.”

The whole crowd was dumbfounded and silent because they completely didn’t expect those words to be coming out of Lin Chuxue’s mouth. What was more shocking was that, she was actually married? What kind of man would make this goddess willingly marry him?

Will’s whole face was dark. He didn’t expect that Lin Chuxue wouldn’t cooperate with him at the last moment. Didn’t she want to save her family’s business? She actually humiliated him in front of so many people. He just said to everyone that Lin Chuxue already agreed to her proposal. Wasn’t that basically a slap to his face?

Lin Chuxue’s relatives on her mother’s side were all dumbfounded. Her auntie directly walked out and, laughed awkwardly, and said, “Don’t listen to her joking around, she might just be too nervous. Prince Will, just give her a little bit of breathing room, your sudden proposal probably scared her. Look at her, she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about anymore. What husband? Nicole, how much did you drink already?”

Will also forced out a smile as he tried to ease the atmosphere and make himself not look as humiliated. “Nicole, are you alright? How much did you drink? Grandma, just marry Nicole to me.”

“What marry! Marriage and love is free!” Lin Chuxue reiterated her stance, “I’m not drunk, I’m telling the truth. I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I already joined my husband’s nationality. Right now, I’m a citizen of Huaxia, and please respect me as a married woman. I’m someone with a husband already, how can I speak of marrying another man? Please also respect my husband.”

Then, Lin Chuxue actually bravely looked at everyone that were absolutely silent right now. However, her palms were already covered in sweat, and she really felt like she was about to faint. Just now, she felt like she used up all energy and courage to say what she just said!

After all, she still couldn’t just put aside Xu Cheng and pretend to be a saint to sacrifice herself for whatever “greater good”. She thought she should give Xu Cheng a chance, even if Xu Cheng didn’t end up coming in the end, she was still not afraid even if she was punished for acting like this in front of the Queen. Xu Cheng was right, she was his wife, both emotionally and by law. She would be disrespecting him if she were to marry someone else, and it was not right for her to even have that kind of though!

Just at that moment, Xu Cheng used all of his energy and pushed open the gigantic and majestic iron gate, and the jaws of the guards outside almost dropped upon seeing this.

After pushing open the gate, Xu Cheng shouted to everyone, “I’m her husband, Xu Cheng!”

His voice was very loud and it echoed in the ears of everyone in the hall.

He didn’t attend this event in formal attire. It was just a simple coat, T-shirt, and jeans, and his hair was all pushed up since, you know, he just jumped off a plane. The corner of his mouth also had a wound from fighting, and there were also a few scratches on his clothes. It was safe to conclude that he wasn’t in his best shape.

But just by standing there, he immediately calmed down Lin Chuxue’s flustered heart. For some unknown reason, this kind of feeling of dependence was already deeply ingrained in her heart. Just like when they were young, whenever something happened, those that wanted to bully her or take advantage of her would immediately get beaten up and run away when Xu Cheng appeared. And towards her, he would always have the innocent smile.

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    “What to promise! Marriage and love are free!” Lin Chuxue lost his breath again and reiterated: “I’m not drunk, I’m talking about facts, I’m sorry, Her Royal Highness, I have joined Xia Guo nationality with my husband, I am a daughter-in-law of Xia Guo. Please respect a married woman. I am a husband. How can I talk about marriage again? Please also respect my husband, as he said, Even if it’s imaginary, it’s just as unforgivable to be derailed. “

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