Chapter 282: How Much Are You Selling? I Will Take Them All (Part one)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead.) 

“I’m her husband!”

The sentence sounded throughout the entire venue, and it was basically a slap on the head to everyone that wanted to marry Lin Chuxue. 

The guards originally wanted to drag Xu Cheng out, but the Queen waved her hand and they immediately stopped their actions. 

Xu Cheng walked over, step by step, and Lin Chuxue’s maternal relatives immediately became anxious. Especially her auntie, who directly jumped out and said, “Who are you? What nonsense are you blabbering about?”

Xu Cheng said as he walked forward, “The one blabbering nonsense is you. In order to seek personal gains, you sold out your family, and what’s more shameless is that Nicole isn’t even your daughter. You people are really something else. But, if you were going to sell Nicole, why didn’t you all ask me first? I’m her husband, and we are legally married in Huaxia. Now, tell the Queen, are you trying to deceive the Queen?”

Lin Chuxue’s auntie’s face immediately changed. “You are speaking nonsense! You said you are married to Nicole, where’s the marriage certificate and wedding photo then? Huh? Where’s your betrothal gift? Also none?”

Speaking of this, she suddenly became a lot more confident in her voice. She scanned the crowd and sneered at Xu Cheng, “Maybe everyone doesn’t know who this brat is. He’s just an ungrateful snake. Does everyone still remember the Lin Family’s foster boy?”

In fact, many of the youngsters in the same generation already recognized Xu Cheng, but they just weren’t certain. But after Lin Chuxue’s auntie said that, they all immediately exclaimed, “Isn’t he the little b-stard child? The one that always followed Lin Chuxue around?”
“Oh, I remember now, that one that was leeching off of the Lin Family? I heard he was the only guy that had no background and no money but was still allowed to study at the aristocratic school. He was such a quirk.”

“That guy’s face is indeed really thick, leeching off the host’s family and also taking the daughter away too. That’s just next level leeching, he didn’t even look into the mirror to see if he’s worthy of being Nicole’s husband.”

“I know, right? Did he use some kind of witchcraft from the East on Nicole or something? She could’ve gotten together with anyone, yet she chose that peasant? He’s not even worthy of being Nicole’s servant.”

“I kind of feel bad for Mr. Lin now… He adopted an orphan, yet that orphan ended up taking his daughter away. Hahaha, if this news gets out, who would still dare to adopt kids in the future.”

That chitchat dragged Lin Chuxue’s face down.

“It’s nothing like what you guys said, please don’t speculate if you know nothing about the situation.”

“Are they wrong though?” Her auntie sneered and turned to Xu Cheng and said, “They didn’t say anything wrong, Xu Cheng’s just an ungrateful wolf, he ate and lived in the Lin Family, and the Lin Family was being so good to him. If he really wants to repay the Lin Family for the good deeds they’ve done for him, he shouldn’t have made you run away with him. He’s pulling you down!”

“Have you said enough?!” Lin Guiren couldn’t take it anymore. He said to everyone, “Nicole is indeed married to my boy, Xu Cheng. Besides, he’s not an outsider, his father and I go way back, and we had arranged this marriage before the kids were even born! Xu Cheng grew up in my family, used my money, and ate my rice, and my whole family’s okay with that, so outsiders aren’t qualified to make any comments. Marrying him was also my daughter’s choice, and they have the freedom to choose who to love and marry! Just now, I didn’t want to deceive the Royal Family, and that’s why I said I don’t agree to let my daughter marry Prince Will.”

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