Chapter 282: How Much Are You Selling? I Will Take Them All (Part two)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead.) 

Will’s face became dark and cold as he said, enunciating each word, “What you are saying now is even more serious than deceiving the Royal Family!”

He then turned to Xu Cheng, narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flashed past his eyes. “Xu Cheng, you don’t deserve Nicole, do you know that? If it wasn’t for your dad and Mr. Lin making the arranged marriage, you aren’t even qualified to appear in Nicole’s life! Just look at you, no money, no power, what do you have to give Nicole happiness?”
Lin Chuxue’s auntie echoed, “Your Royal Highness, rest assured. We, the elders of the family, completely don’t acknowledge the marriage. Besides, Nicole still kept her innocence (TL note: virginity). Even though Xu Cheng tricked Nicole into running away with him, from our investigation, Nicole had been living on her own and making money to support herself during these years in Huaxia, and Xu Cheng never lived up to any of the responsibilities as a husband. The two never even lived together. He never held a wedding with Nicole, nor had he given the Lin Family any betrothal gift.”

Then, more members of the Lin Family on the mother’s side began coming out. “Right, this brat is poor and has no ability, he only knows how to play with woman. We all don’t acknowledge him as a part of our family.”

Lin Guiren said in a deep voice, “As her father, they just need my acknowledgement. There’s no need to seek approval from you guys!”

“You!” Lin Guiren’s father-in-law pointed at him furiously and threatened, “You want us to leave the company and sell our shares then?”
Lin Guiren was a bit dumbfounded, and he immediately looked a bit unnatural. If the major shareholders began selling shares of the company at this time, it would really be adding oil to the fire. He really regretted lending those people a hand in the past. Since they were his wife’s family, he allowed them to take shares in his company, but then later on, these guys just became a bunch of leechers that couldn’t do anything right but create problems for the company. The product quality problem this time was also caused by the carelessness of these people.

Seeing her man in a dilemma, Mommy Lin directly stepped out and said, “Who’s going to sell? Stand out right now and sell then. As the wife of the chairman, I hereby tell you, get the f-ck out of the company right now if you want!”

Her side of the family was absolutely stunned. They never knew that the Mommy Lin that had always been kind and didn’t get involved in things would also have such domineering side inside of her.

“Very well! Very well! You two want to do this then? It’s such a shame that we raised you up!” Mommy Lin’s father even began to tremble from rage.

Mommy Lin said with a cold face, “Dad, it’s enough. Without Big Brother Ren, you guys would still be living in the suburbs instead of enjoying life in a big city like London! People must have a conscience and need to know to be grateful. I’ve already had enough over the years from how you all treated my Big Brother Ren!”

“That’s fine! No matter how much you guys sell, I will take them all!” At this moment, Xu Cheng said in a deep voice.

“You?” The old man directly snorted. “You are just a beggar, it’s already good enough for the Lin Family to give you some bread and raise you up, you actually think you can buy our shares? Do you even have the money?”

“A guy that couldn’t afford betrothal gifts and only dares to trick woman to run away with him, where would you get the money?” Lin Chuxue’s auntie mocked as well.

Xu Cheng sneered in response. “Just cut to the chase, how much are your shares worth?”

Lin Chuxue’s auntie laughed condescendingly, “You peasant, do you even know how company shares worth? Even though the stock price went down, it still has a market cap of 4 billion, and all of us combined has 35% of the shares! The moment we sell, the company’s stock price can drop as much as 30% due to fear of insider sales! If we just sell 20%, that’s 1.4 billion euro already. Listen carefully, it’s 1.4 billion! Euros! Not your yuan! Not to mention 1.4 billion, can you even show me 100 million? I can lower the standard for you, but do you even have that much money?”

Xu Cheng said nonchalantly, “Okay, I will take it.”

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