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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 283.1

Chapter 283: She Stays! (Part one)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead.) 

His words were so simple, yet they stunned everyone in the Lin Family.

But, it didn’t seem like Xu Cheng was joking. He said, “Didn’t you guys say I didn’t give any betrothal gifts? Fine. Tonight, I will give it to the Lin Family.”

Xu Cheng took out Lin Lei’s card from his bag, waved it, and said, “There is 3.3 billion euros transferred over from the M Nation on this card. It should be more than enough to take your 1.4 billion euro worth of shares.”

He said as he placed the card into Lin Chuxue’s hand, and he gave her a reassuring smile.

Lin Chuxue reached out and felt the cut on Xu Cheng’s lips, and she bitterly smiled, her heart aching a little. “You did it?”

Xu Cheng nodded.

“You always chose to believe me ever since we were young, why aren’t you so determined now? Both of us didn’t change, did we?” Xu Cheng gently looked at her with a warm smile.

She also put on a rare smile and nodded hard. “I haven’t changed! I didn’t even cheat on you mentally!”

“You did very well, and this card is my reward for my awesome wife.” Xu Cheng smiled.

Mommy Lin’s side of the family was in disbelief. “Just because you said there is 3.3 billion, there’s 3.3 billion? You think it’s that easy to make that much money?”

Xu Cheng turned around and looked at those people. “In my eyes, money is just a number. The 3.3 billion is not all the betrothal gift I’m giving to Nicole. In the future, I will let you guys bear witness that what I’m giving her is the whole world!’

Lin Chuxue stood there and looked at Xu Cheng in daze. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen men boast before, but it was her first time seeing someone boast to her in front of all the nobles and royals in the country. Besides, Xu Cheng never made empty promises, and since he promised it, he would treat it as his life-long goal to fulfill it.

Lin Chuxue’s eyes were slightly red.

Her aunt looked at the executive of the largest bank in Britain in the crowd and went over and asked, “Check that card of his and see if there’s really 3.3 billion in it.”

That executive nodded as he walked over, politely took the card from Lin Chuxue’s hand, and made a call. On the other end of the call, his assistant said, “Boss, there was indeed a big transfer a few hours ago from the M Nation, totalling to 3.3 billion, and the source is all legitimate.”

Upon hearing this, everyone on Mommy Lin’s side of the family were all shocked.

Even Will didn’t think that Xu Cheng could actually get this much money!

The executive handed the card to Lin Chuxue, and she then handed the card to her father, “Dad, it’s the betrothal gift from your son-in-law.”

Lin Guiren directly laughed as he took the card and nodded. Then, he said to all of those relatives, “Your stocks, if you are selling, I will take them all!”

With this money, why would he still fear to not be able to get back on his feet? He would even be able to use this chance to throw out all the leeches of the company. It was really two birds one stone!

His father-in-law just stood there with his chest pumping up and down, almost having a heart attack. Mommy Lin’s sister was just completely dumbfounded as she didn’t know what to say.

After taking care of those relatives that looked down on him, Xu Cheng looked around at the nobles and young heirs present and said in a loud voice, “I admit to everything you guys said about me before. Whether it’s background or qualification in the past, I indeed didn’t deserve Nicole. But today, I’m standing here to announce to you that, this woman is mine from now on! If anyone dares to think about taking advantage of my woman in the future, I will defend my marriage and family at all cost, no matter who I’m up against.”

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    “You always chose to believe in me when you were a kid, why are you not so determined now? We haven’t changed? Aren’t we?” Xu Cheng gently looked at her and grinned out that sunny smile, especially warm in Lin Chuxue’s heart.

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