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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 284.1

Chapter 284: You are All a Bunch of Garbage! (Part one)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead.) 

Lin Chuxue’s heart thumped, and she said to Xu Cheng with a pale-face, “You can go first, don’t worry. The company’s fine now, and no one can force me to do anything. Other than you, I won’t marry anyone.”

Xu Cheng ignored Lin Chuxue but turned to the Queen and asked, “May I ask, why can’t she leave?”

The Queen replied, “You are not a citizen of our country, I can’t govern you, nor do I care to acknowledge you. But, Nicole is a citizen of our country. Isn’t she your wife? Then we will just let her accept the punishment for your recklessness.”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Old woman, you really know how to play. Why don’t you just directly negotiate with me? Why would you put a woman in a difficult situation? You are a woman too, you should know that a man that loves a woman would never have the heart to put her through any pain. Or, have you never met a man like that, and that’s why your heart is as cold as stone?”

The Queen looked at Xu Cheng expressionlessly and said, “You can also walk out with her, but would you like to try walking out from her, with her?”

Lin Chuxue panicked. “Hurry and go!”

At this moment, they heard the Queen say, word for word, “Your marriage certificate in Huaxia is not acknowledged in our country, and since Nicole’s still a citizen of my country, I hereby announce that Nicole will be married to my grandson, Prince Will.”

Will immediately became excited as he straightened up his chest. Now, he was not afraid of any opponent with his grandma having his back.

Upon hearing this, Xu Cheng sneered and turned around, guarding Lin Chuxue behind him. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the young man before him. “You want to steal my wife? Which one of you guys are qualified? Come up and try.”

Will had already tolerated Xu Cheng for awhile. He directly walked over and said, “Do you still remember the punch you threw at me back in highschool?”

Xu Cheng: “I wouldn’t forget it. Not only have I hit you, but those ‘gentlemen’ in the crowd that had thoughts about Nicole were also beaten up by me as well. You can all raise your hands.”

Those nobles and rich heirs all looked at him in rage.

Most of them had thought about getting together with Lin Chuxue before, but they were all taught a tough lesson by Xu Cheng.

Seeing that those people didn’t raise their hand or stand out, Xu Cheng laughed. “Look, these are the so called nobles and rich heirs. They don’t even have the guts to admit the things they had done before. But it’s true, you guys are scared of being embarrassed, so just be like the turtles you are and hide in your shell.”

Then, those classmates from back then all stood out, furious.

Xu Cheng pointed at them and said, “Come, take a look at these monsters. Who are their parents? Let me tell you all what your sons have done back in school. They are just a bunch of b-stards that use despicable means to bully the weak. Gentlemen? Even a peasant like me knew more about being a gentlemen than you. Even a goddess like Lin Chuxue would be targeted time after time after time by you and she finally became afraid of upper class society, making her so fearful that she would rather leave the country with me. Just how much of a b-stard were you guys to force her to move out of the country?”

Will: “Are you done? Didn’t you ask who’s qualified? Let me just show you today, what changed during all these years you left!”

Then, he took off his suit, revealing all of his muscles as he swung his fist towards Xu Cheng.

Before his fist could reach Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng’s foot already arrived onto his chest. Will was directly kicked out 7 meters before crashing into a buffet table.

Xu Cheng faintly said, “Even if I give you three hundred years, you are still garbage!”

Then, Xu Cheng looked around and the other young heirs and nobles that were eager to join the fight and said, “Sorry, I’m not just saying he’s garbage, but I’m referring to all of you. You are all garbage!”

There were about 13 of them that stood out. They all looked at Xu Cheng as if they were looking at someone that was about to die. “You really don’t know your place.”

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  1. Sam stundis

    I like that you have this disclaimer at the beginning of the chapter. I think its pretty funny.

    • noodletowntranslated

      haha yeah bro, gotta give that headsup before some readers beat our azz

  2. Aaaa

    It really is funny lol, calling the silly brainwashed racism of the chinese “patriotism.”
    But thanks to the disclaimer being kept in mind, I can read this overly unrealistic situation with a lighter heart.

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