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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 285.1

Chapter 285: Clearing Out a Bloody Path (Part one)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead.) 

Xu Cheng didn’t give Lin Chuxue the opportunity to plead for him. He directly glanced at the Queen and said, “I hope you keep your promise!”

Then, he directly walked down the passage with a row of guards on each side. 

Lin Chuxue wanted to run after him to stop him, but she was immediately stopped by Lin Guiren.

“The only thing you can do right now is to trust him.”

“Those people aren’t like the thugs in Shangcheng, there are over a hundred special forces soldiers! He will be beaten to death!” Lin Chuxue was so anxious that she immediately began crying.

Two guards began walking up to him, and Xu Cheng used Shadow Steps and approached them before they could react, and he grabbed each of them by the throat, raised them up, and threw them to the side. Another guard charged at him as he hurled his fist, but Xu Cheng just grabbed it and twisted.


“Ahhh!” That guard’s whole arm was bent out of shape, and he miserably cried as he fell to the ground. Then, Xu Cheng threw a kick at his throat, causing him to suffocate and immediately faint.

Then, three more guards charged at him, and Xu Cheng directly threw himself towards one of them with his back. That guy felt a violent impact, as if he was hit by a train, and was sent flying into the other two guys, causing them all to fall to the ground. When two of them were about to climb up and continue fighting, Xu Cheng directly bent over and punched each of them in the face, breaking their noses. 

“Ah!!!” Those two covered their noses and cried miserably.

Then, five more people charged over with their punches and kicks. Xu Cheng slapped away their fists, but a few kicks landed onto his abdomen, forcing him a few steps back.

Xu Cheng’s body trembled, and his whole body was exuding an aura as tough as iron. Aiming at a leg that was on his stomach, he directly punched down, causing that leg to bend 90-degrees in the other direction. 

Another guy wanted to come over and strike him on the back of the head with his elbow, but Xu Cheng just grabbed onto his wrist as if he had eyes on the back of his head and threw him away like a head of cabbage. The whole scene could only be described as ruthless.

Everyone at the palace was completely shocked by how things were unfolding, and they completely didn’t expect Xu Cheng to be this strong. Those were the most powerful guards in the country, the elites of the royal forces, those that were directly chosen from MI6. But, they all felt like amateurs in front of Xu Cheng, and after just a minute, four guards were wasted on the floor!

At the next moment, the guards gathered around, and there were 30 or so people already! 

Xu Cheng was becoming more thirsty for blood, and he cracked his neck and knuckles. He then took a stance similar to that of Tai Chi, but it was actually a variation of the Shadow Fist martial art. 

When those guys saw him, they all thought Xu Cheng was just posing for style points, and they all furiously charged at him. Some even pulled out daggers and directly stabbed towards Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng’s hands moved fast like a phantom and slapped the daggers out of their wrists. At the moment that the daggers fell, Xu Cheng grabbed one in mid air and began his brutal rampage. 

His dagger danced in the air, slicing through the hand and leg tendons of those guards. With the fast speed of the Shadow Steps technique, the guards didn’t feel anything at first, other than just a tinge of coldness on their wrists and legs. Then, their hands and legs collapsed as if they were kites that had their strings cut, with blood spraying out of their joints.

A guy that threw a kick at Xu Cheng had the dagger directly stabbed through his knee cap. Xu Cheng brutally twisted the blade. Now, that leg would never be able to heal back to its original state anymore!

“Ah! My leg!” The guard cried out miserably as he hugged his leg, his face sweating, looking like he would rather die than endure the pain right now.

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  1. www

    Well, England by this novels standard is basically what we would get if current day China with Comunist Chinese culture turned monarch centered monarchy with puppet parlament, that doesnt exist and was suddenly placed in UK and called England xD my god the cultural setting/viewpoint is impresively Comunist China centric.

    • noodletowntranslated

      yeah some parts of the novel we feel are a bit too patriotic of the author lool, but it does appeal to the mass Chinese audience base.
      However, aside from politics, this is one of the best novels I’ve read so that’s why I decided to share it. Hope you enjoy your stay~

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