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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 285.2

Chapter 285: Clearing Out a Bloody Path (Part two)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead.) 

Xu Cheng pulled out the dagger and kept going, and just like that, without the need for any fancy techniques, he would disable all attacks coming at him, with fingers and blood flying everywhere.

A guard tried to sneak-attack Xu Cheng and kicked towards his crotch. Xu Cheng suddenly tightened his thighs, clamping onto the leg. Then, with a twist and roll sideways, he directly broke that leg!

The scene sent chills down everyone’s spines, especially the Queen. Being this old, she hadn’t seen a scene this bloody yet. She didn’t expect that this guy would fight this well, and at this point, there were already over 40 people on the ground. Xu Cheng was already halfway out of the palace, leaving behind a trail of blood wherever he walked past.

With more and more people gathering around, some people managed to leave cuts on Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng took in a deep breath due to the pain. He grabbed a guy that had jumped onto him and was about to claw his eye out, and threw him over the shoulder. Then, he stomped on that guy’s face, and with a loud crack, that guy’s nose was broken too.

Now, blood began seeping through his clothes.

“Hit his wounds! He doesn’t get hurt from punches and kicks!” Someone realized this and exclaimed, and the others just realized that there was a cut on Xu Cheng’s shoulder that was seeping blood. They all charged over like a bunch of sharks smelling blood.

Xu Cheng immediately grabbed and lifted two guards that charged at him and roared as he banged their heads into the ground.

The floor tiles even began to crack.

Against all the punches and kicks, Xu Cheng blocked with one arm as he struck back with his dagger. The scent of blood was all up in the air.

On the passage outside of the palace towards the gate, there were cries of pain and misery sounding out with every step. Out of the palace door behind Xu Cheng, there were over 60 guards laying or rolling in pain on the ground. Some had broken faces, some had broken limbs, and some had dislocated arms and legs that were just swinging freely. The entire scene was brutal to see.

It would be a lie if someone at the scene said they weren’t scared. Xu Cheng’s means and cruelty completely shocked them all, and an intense sense of fear permeated them.

He was getting closer and closer to the gate, and seeing how he massacred their peers that stood in his path, the ones left were shocked and terrified. It was the kind of fear that struck into the depths of their hearts. 

When Xu Cheng took care another 13 guards, his face was already covered in blood. He panted crazily as he shouted at the 10 guards guarding the gate, “Come on!”

Those guards were feeling a bit dumbfounded, not knowing whether they should charge up. Some stopped those that were about to go up and said, “Don’t worry, he’s bleeding heavy, and soon he will fall to the ground due to excessive blood loss.”

Seeing the blood trail from the palace to the gate, the Queen had someone help her walk to the door of the palace. Suddenly, she said to those 10 guards, “This intruder trespassed into the Platinum Palace, disturbed my birthday celebration, and injured my guards. Shoot him.”

“No!” Lin Chuxue’s face directly changed. She ran over and kneeled before the Queen as she cried and pleaded, “Your Majesty, I’m willing to marry Prince Will, I’m willing to! Please spare his life and let him go, I beg of you!”

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  1. Man..can Lin Chuxue f* off at this point. I absolutely love this novel however she’s the worst part of this.

    • I’m not a fan of superharems or “body count” type romances but I feel like if you removed this woman from half the s--t she gets him into things would be better.

      Also why didn’t she mention the money thing before they got to Britain. Odds are he could have gotten more money safely with advance notice.

  2. Trent

    thanks as always for the amazing updates 🙂


  3. And the queen; won’t you keep your promise anymore?

  4. Missing details and sentence’s.


    Xu Cheng carried a dagger and stabbed them in the abdomen and fell to the ground. In this way, it was simple and neat and did not require any fists to embroider the legs. The other fist came and clicked. The dagger sharply cut through their fingers and even splashed out.

    A guard attacked Xu Cheng from behind and kicked his crotch. Xu Cheng’s legs suddenly collapsed and clamped, clamped his leg, and then turned in place, breaking the straight leg 90 degrees!

    This scene saw the people in the palace startling, especially the queen, so old that I had never seen such a bloody picture. A person’s combat effectiveness is so full. At this juncture, her guards seem to have fallen to the ground more than 50 people, and Xu Cheng has killed the center of the red carpet, and all the scarred blood on the way.

    While more and more people were being used, someone was holding Xu Cheng’s shoulder that was assassinated by a ninja assassin with his nails from behind. The nails were directly in Xu Cheng’s wounds. Xu Cheng took a sigh of pain and pulled with one hand. After the guard’s hair fell over his shoulder and stepped on the other side’s facade, the whole face clicked, and the sound of the nasal bridge bone cracked.

    Blood began to spill from his shoulders.

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