Chapter 286: That Late “Dear” (Part one)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead.) 

Then, the guards immediately pulled out their guns and aimed at Xu Cheng.

When Xu Cheng saw this scene, he bitterly laughed. Then, turning around his face that was covered in blood, he looked at the Queen that was standing at the door of the palace. “Now I finally understand. Just like your subordinates, this so-called character of an aristocrat and noble is just a bunch of bs. But then again, you are already old as f0ck, so it’s normal for you to forget what you just said. Let me tell you, I’ve waited for this day for five years now, and I’ve proven myself today. I’m here to tell you guys, I was discriminated against, insulted, and looked down upon, and I came back to take everything I lost today. If you want me to die, then you can ask my fists if they agree!”

Suddenly, Xu Cheng’s face became cold, and the dagger in his hand started to spin.

At the next instant, he disappeared from the spot.

His cat-like explosive jumping ability shot him out like a cannonball towards those ten guards carrying guns.

At the instant he moved, those guards also opened fire!

If it was just two people shooting, he might have been able to catch the bullets. But when it was ten people under a well-lit yard, he had nowhere to hide.

At the instant he charged over, he blocked his face and heart with one arm, and the other parts of his body all began splashing with blood as he was hit by bullets. But, it didn’t hinder his speed charging over. When the chilling light of the dagger arrived, the throats of three guards were directly sliced open.

Two of them were directly kicked to the side, while he shattered a soldier’s heart with one punch and sent him flying over to knock down two more guards. He rolled and picked up the guns, firing to finish off the remaining guards that were standing. 

In the big front yard of the palace, it was just him standing there, slightly swaying back and forth. Lin Chuxue couldn’t hold it anymore and cried from the top of her lungs, “Xu Cheng!”

Then, she rushed down the stairs and even forgot about her dress and heels and tripped over… She fell hard onto the ground and scraped her knees.

“Chuxue!” Her parents were all extremely worried.

Lin Chuxue immediately got up and rushed towards Xu Cheng’s direction. When she saw Xu Cheng with his back towards her and looking like he was about to fall down, she felt like she was about to lose her soul.

“Xu Cheng!” Tears flowed out from the corner of her eyes, and she kicked away her heels and ran towards Xu Cheng like crazy. 

Xu Cheng was shot in several places, and the most dangerous part was the excessive blood loss that was draining the life out of him. But when he was about to fall to the ground, a soft body with a light fragrance caught him so he didn’t hit the ground.

Xu Cheng’s head fell directly into Lin Chuxue’s embrace. He looked up at Lin Chuxue whose face was covered in tears, and his pale lips moved slightly, “Can you not let me fall to the ground? I’m a soldier… help me up… Let’s leave this place… I… I don’t want to fall down in front of these people!”

Lin Chuxue burst into tears as she gritted her teeth and nodded. “Okay! Xu Cheng, you did it, you did it… Xu Cheng, hang on, don’t die, okay? We pinky-swore when we were kids, don’t you remember? You said, you would protect me as long as I’m alive, and I believed you, I believed you, don’t you know? What am I going to do if you die? You took my heart away and you are going to leave me? I’m tired, I won’t be able to let any other men enter my heart anymore… Xu Cheng, did you hear me? You aren’t a coward, you proved to the entire royal family your bravery, and they are all scared of you now, did you see? Please don’t close your eyes, open them, take a look at those people! Did you see? Please don’t close your eyes, I will be taking you to the hospital soon, Xu Cheng!”

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