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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 287.1

Chapter 287: Discovery of Powerful Genes (Part one)

The emergency room’s red light was still on, and Bei Shan waited until Lin Chuxue calmed down a bit before he could ask her what went on at the banquet.

In the end, Bei Shan fell silent. He stood up and said, “I will be right back, take care of your sis.”

Inside the E.R., the attending doctor was busying about. “Supply blood. Remove the blood from his body first, and Serena, you are responsible for suturing the wounds and stopping the bleeding.”

The medical staff nodded and worked in an orderly manner.

At this moment, the nurse responsible for paying attention to the electrocardiogram exclaimed, “Doctor, his heartbeat is becoming weaker and weaker. ”

The attending doctor looked at the weakening pattern on the electrocardiogram, and he put down his hands and sighed. 

She then checked Xu Cheng’s eyeballs and announced, “The surgery has failed.”

The failure to rescue someone was the regret of every doctor. The four staff members helplessly stood there, feeling a bit down.

Just when they were about to give up and open the doors of the operating room, the nurse that was still studying the electrocardiogram saw some subtle movement.

“Doc, something’s not normal,” he said. 

The attending doctor came over and looked. The line should’ve went down to sync with the benchmark horizontal line, yet it seemed to have stayed just a little above it, refusing to go down.

The attending doctor asked the nurse, “The machine’s working fine?”

The nurse nodded.

The attending doctor immediately put back his mask and said, “Use the defibrillator.”

The other staff all nodded and began preparing to shock Xu Cheng’s chest. 

But no matter how many times the doctor tried, Xu Cheng’s ECG and heart beat was still in that state.

The nurse and the other two medical staff swallowed their spittle. “Doc, so is this guy dead or not?”

The attending doctor looked at Xu Cheng and waved his hand, “Don’t touch the operating table anymore, you guys go out. Serena, turn down the room temperature and let his cells cool down.”

“Yes, Doc!”

Then, the E.R.’s door opened as the light above it turned green.

Lin Chuxue immediately jumped up, rushed over, and blocked the door as she asked, “Doctor Jacob, how is my husband? Is he fine? Nothing will happen to him, right?”

The other three helpers all left, and the attending doctor took off his mask and sighed, “Miss. Lin, I don’t know how to tell you. Strictly speaking, his condition is no different than being dead.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Chuxue’s face changed drastically and her tone became sharp, “Doc, please be more clear, how is he right now? What do you mean his condition is no different than being dead? Please be more clear!”

The doctor: “The situation right now is that Mr. Xu Cheng is still unconscious due to excessive blood loss. His heart beat and pulse are both very weak. We can’t conclude whether the surgery was successful or not, because we don’t know if or when his heartbeat will suddenly stop. In medical terms, he’s in a state called suspended animation.” 

Lin Chuxue became anxious and she said while crying, “Doctor, please, I beg of you, we have the money, just please save him! I beg of you!”

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  1. Missing sentence, and details.


    In the rescue room, the attending doctor busy said: “For blood supply, take out the bullets from the body first, Serena, you are responsible for suture the wound to stop bleeding.”

    The other medical staff nodded, and worked in an orderly manner.

    At this time, a novice looking at the electrocardiogram exclaimed: “Teacher, his heartbeat is getting weaker and weaker.”

    The treating doctor who was taking the bullets found that Xu Cheng’s heart seemed to be in a state of no beating and slowly smoothed it down.

    “Teacher, his veins and heartbeat have stopped.” A medical staff member sighed. “Rescue is relatively late and there is too much blood loss.”

    The attending hospital looked at the faint electrocardiogram and put down his hands with a sigh.

    He rolled over Xu Cheng’s eyes and looked at the movement of the eyes, then announced: “The operation failed.”

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