Chapter 288: Protecting One Person (Part one)

From the tall mountains to the endless deep sea, from the hot springs to the Antarctic ice sheets, there were traces of water bears everywhere. They had evolved into a state of near-invincibility to cope with all kinds of harsh environment, where they would almost halt their metabolism as if they were dead. Yet, it was this kind of lingering on the verge of death which made them super hard to kill. The moment they were presented with life-threatening danger, they would enter a self-dehydration protection phase, which was also called cryptobiosis. 

No need for food, no need for hydration, they could easily survive in an environment close to absolute zero or as high as 151 degrees. They could also endure the enormous pressure of the deep ocean, and tolerate radiation that was strong enough to instantly roast other animals. Even if you throw them into a poison bath, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to survive.

Another shocking record was that this creature was tenacious enough to be the only organism on earth that can still survive for a while after being exposed in outer space. 

Its resilience had many scientists study it for centuries. Some found water bears in glaciers in the Antarctic with other fossils, and the moment there was enough moisture to stimulate them, they would reanimate almost immediately. In history, some people even froze water bears for 50 years and were able to see it awaken after that.

And today, how could Jacob not be surprised to find genes from the water bear genome in a human?

He turned to look at the electrocardiogram, and the pulse was still in such a subtle period of fake death.

He got it!

This guy was indeed still alive, although he looked to be no different than dead to others!

It was just his body undergoing the dehydration phase after excessive blood loss, just like water bears. To prevent himself from dying, this man’s body automatically entered a self-protection phase, referred to as cryptobiosis!

Jacob was almost stunned by this major discovery. Now, he couldn’t even wait to find out if this was really the case. If it was, then Xu Cheng could be the biggest breakthrough opportunity he encountered in his research career!

He immediately went to the blood storage room and found blood of the same type for Xu Cheng, and he hung them up and began dripping blood into Xu Cheng’s body. 

The banquet wasn’t over yet, but Will and a few others were all sent to the hospital.

Some even had their ribs broken and had no choice but to be hospitalized. Will asked his butler with a dark face, “Which hospital did Nicole go to?”

Butler: “Second Hospital.”

Will nodded. “Any news?’

The butler nodded. “I heard that guy was sent into the E.R. but never came out after. Miss Lin has been waiting outside the whole night.”

Will: “Are there any actions being taken from the prime minister’s side?”

The butler shook his head. “It’s not clear yet. For something like this that trampled the image of the Royal Family, even if the Queen doesn’t go after them because they were in love, the prime minister’s side would probably do something in order to show the other countries’ officials that were present at the banquet. I think they will detain Xu Cheng.”

Will sneered. “Detain him? I was beaten up like this by that b-stard and he will only be detained? And then do we have to return him back to his country after the two countries’ diplomats do their negotiation? This guy already displayed strength that terrified everyone, and if he’s still alive, then those that have unsettled grudges with him before won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep anymore. You’ve served me for many years, you should know my temper, right? Think of a way, I want him dead tonight. Also, I want Nicole as well. Remember, don’t leak out that it’s me that kidnapped her.”

The butler nodded. “Got it.”

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